Your Chapter’s Opportunity to Shine During the Million Members Celebration

Written by: Denise Doring VanBuren, President General
August 26, 2019

Isn’t it thrilling to know that you are “one in a million?” I am delighted by how many of you share my excitement for the upcoming DAR Million Members Celebration (as announced in an earlier blog on August 16).  Have you checked out some of the great video testimonials on the Million Members Facebook page?  Better yet, have you uploaded yours? We want to share your personal DAR story to show the public the dedicated women who make DAR the most vibrant patriotic women’s service organization in America!

Surpassing one million total members during our organization’s lifespan provides a perfect opportunity for a campaign that promotes the public relations and supports the membership goals of our Society. Through the campaign, we will have the opportunity to “shine” by telling the world about who we are, what we do and for what we stand. Publicly sharing the outstanding accomplishments of our organization and the diversity of our membership will help attract others to continue our mission.

During the months of September and October, the National Society will be promoting the DAR Million Members campaign, but we also urging you to to promote it in your local community as a way to demonstrate our relevancy and to attract new women. Our national campaign will profile DAR members throughout our history;  we are now asking you to highlight on the local level the members from your own chapter – the women who founded it, sustained it and continue its mission today. The more we showcase the stories of our members, the more other women may find a connection to the broad range of members who energize Today’s DAR.

We are asking you to use the National Society’s historic milestone as a way to highlight the members from your own chapter – both contemporary women and those from the past who played a significant role in your community. Tell stories about chapter members who may be noteworthy in your community or who have an interesting story to share.

Profiling women from your chapter may be a great way to get the attention of the local media. Local news outlets are interested in stories that have national significance with a local hook. We’ve prepared Chapter Publicity Tips  to help you brainstorm ways your chapter can locally publicize this exciting national milestone while showcasing how your chapter members are each “one in a million.” These tips include ways you can reach out to your local media, share members’ stories on social media and host special membership events. We have also created a template news release that you can customize with your chapter information and highlight unique members you think your local media might be interested in profiling.

Have difficulty getting coverage through traditional media sources? Please highlight past and present members on your chapter website or social media pages. Work with your chapter to identify those who you would like to profile (and make sure you get approval from each chapter member to share her story on the internet). Ask them to provide a photo and write a few short sentences about themselves, as well as why they have found purpose and value in DAR membership. We want every one of our members to feel a part of this national celebration that is 129 years in the making!

By sharing your chapter’s excitement in promoting this milestone and celebrating the joys of membership, you will help attract more women to our organization’s vibrant purpose. Take advantage of this celebration to share the value and rewards of DAR membership and encourage other women to become “one in a million.”

In fact, we hope this campaign will attract many of today’s busy women to explore the joys of DAR membership. As we launch the public promotional and membership campaign of the Million Members Celebration in September, make sure to check the public website Chapter Locator to ensure your chapter’s contact information is up to date so that local women may contact your chapter to express interest in membership. (Contact the VIS Committee if you find that your chapter’s contact information needs updating or your chapter’s website link needs to be included.)

It is also critically important that your chapter promptly connect with local prospective members who express interest in learning more about DAR membership once they make contact. If your chapter receives a high volume of prospective member interest that is too difficult for you to manage, contact your state membership chair for guidance and assistance. Additionally, if your chapter registrar needs help assisting prospective members with their DAR Application research and preparation, reach out to the America 250 Membership Task Force or the Lineage Research Committee – these are ladies who are ready to help!

We have an exciting opportunity ahead to use this membership milestone as a way to increase both external exposure and membership interest. Let’s seize it to show the public why one million women have found purpose and passion in the work of DAR --  and let’s together start welcoming the next million to continue it well into the future!

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