Celebrating YOU As We Prepare to Welcome Our Millionth Member

Written by: Denise Doring VanBuren, President General
August 16, 2019

As if being a member of the world’s premiere patriotic women’s service organization were not enough (!), brace yourself: DAR is teetering on the edge of a thrilling milestone and we want YOU to be a part of the celebration! Sometime during the coming weeks, our National Society will welcome our one millionth member since the founding of the National Society in 1890. It’s an amazing testament to the timeless relevancy of our mission – and an outstanding opportunity to promote the benefits of joining Today’s DAR.

Thank you for being one in a million! We hope that you will share our excitement about promoting this milestone in order to celebrate the joys of membership and attract more women to our vibrant purpose.

We are preparing to launch a public “DAR Million Members Celebration,” which will roll out during the months of September and October as we work up to achievement of that milestone membership number. The focus of the PR campaign will be our members, the dedicated Daughters who make up the heart of our organization, as well as those members who laid the foundation that supports all of us – the Founders, your Chapter’s charter members, the leaders who encouraged you, the women who welcomed you into our sisterhood of service, etc.

The critical part of the promotional campaign will be YOU. We want you to share the joys of membership by proclaiming why you are proud to be one in a million. The goal is to demonstrate to the public (and prospective members) who we are, what we have accomplished and why we still matter.

There are two ways you are invited to participate in order to help us ready our fall public relations campaign:

  • Send us a short video of two minutes or less explaining why being a member of DAR is important and rewarding to you. It’s easy to do! Film it as a selfie on your phone or, if you prefer, simply have someone hold the phone and film you. Post the video on the new DAR Million Members Celebration Facebook page here (make sure to like and follow the page, as well). If you aren’t on Facebook, you can email the video to MillionMembers@nsdar.org.
  • Not comfortable on camera? Post photos on our new DAR Million Members Celebration Facebook page showing yourself and other members of your chapter enjoying your most fulfilling DAR activities; be sure to include a short (no longer than 200 words) testimonial about why DAR membership is important to you.

By sending/posting videos/photos, you agree to be potentially featured on the DAR website, social media and other promotional efforts associated with the upcoming autumn campaign. Please don’t delay, as submissions are needed within the next few weeks. Please also read the members announcement that gives more instructions and tips about creating your testimonial.

We consider our Million Members Celebration a perfect opportunity to “shine” about the value and rewards of DAR membership, and to encourage other women to become “one in a million.” Once we launch the official campaign in September and October, we will invite you to share more “I’m one in a million!” DAR stories on social media, in your local communities, and to your friends and family -- all to help endorse the joys of DAR membership.

So, please continue to follow the Today’s DAR Blog, DAR social media and DAR website for more information on the DAR Million Members Celebration, profiles of DAR members through the years, as well as the big announcement when we surpass the millionth member threshold. Who will be DAR Member 1000000? Stay tuned!

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