Labor Day at the Ranch

September 3, 2013

Hopefully each of you had the opportunity to rest from your labors and enjoy a long weekend with family and friends.  We were delighted that our son, Walker, who is a first year law student at SMU could join us at the ranch along with our daughter, Lindsey, her husband, Brett, and their adorable sons, Cade (5) and Jake (3), who were coming after the Texas A & M game Saturday afternoon.   Jake was hit with a stomach bug late Friday which changed their plans so I met them in College Station, picked up the boys, and drove to the ranch. 

The boys enjoy the big equipment and the animals at the ranch as well as the freedom to run all over the place.  They call my husband “Boots” and their name for me is “Honey.” In the interest of full disclosure, they didn’t choose my grandmother name – the Texas DAR did. Most of the ladies have known Lindsey all her life as she was raised in C.A.R.  When I announced we were expecting our first grandchild at Fall Forum, Sandra Franke, the State Regent’s Project Chair, immediately suggested we have a “Name that Grandma” contest.  So for $1, the ladies could suggest my Grandma name.  The good news is “Honey” was the winning entry drawn and $99 was raised for the project.

Saturday evening we cooked dinner for Steve’s parents, then took a late evening ride around the place and saw dozens of deer.  After pancakes Sunday morning, we took another drive and discovered a pair of barn owls in a shed.  Shortly after that, the stomach bug claimed another victim, Lindsey, who is six months pregnant with our first granddaughter, and then a third victim, Cade, a few hours later.  I’m sure by now you have a life sized picture of some of our excitement.


It was miserably hot and due to the drought, there was not enough water in the river for the boys to swim.  Steve set out a sprinkler in the yard and they entertained themselves for a long time.  I was shocked when Jake, who is almost four, turned it on me and soaked me – although I will admit it was a quick way to cool off!  Speaking of cooler, I love the photo taken at the ranch last Christmas when Steve set his camera on a tripod in one of the pastures near the river.

The good news is that all are in good health again and we thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to be together and to share the family time.   



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