DAR Million Members Celebration

Written by: Denise Doring VanBuren, President General
September 4, 2019

I am thrilled beyond measure to share that thanks to the high rate of DAR Application submissions and approvals, we now project by October to surpass ONE MILLION total members who have joined DAR since our founding. 

In anticipation of this momentous milestone, we today officially launch our exciting DAR Million Members Celebration! Huzzah!

Watch the DAR Million Members Celebration video here.

Since 1890, one million women have found passion and purpose in the DAR’s vibrant, timeless mission. During the next couple of months, we will be celebrating our amazing members by highlighting the stories of Daughters past and present.

While we unfortunately cannot showcase all of the incredible members who have made DAR the world’s premier women’s patriotic service organization, I know that you will be impressed by learning more about the significant impact of some of our early DAR members, many of whom you may not have even realized were Daughters. We will also focus on some of the fabulous Today’s Daughters featured in American Spirit magazine in order to share interesting stories of contemporary members.  And of course we want to celebrate YOU and share YOUR stories of why you are proud to be "one in a million."

We encourage you to share your story by submitting a video testimonial of why being a member of DAR is important and rewarding to you. Please review the earlier members' announcement that gives more tips about creating your testimonial video; then, post your video on the Million Members Facebook page. We will be sharing some of these video stories as part of our official celebration.

Surpassing one million total members during our organization’s lifespan offers us a special opportunity, allowing each Daughter to “shine” in her own right and to invite other women to join us in the joys of membership. Work with your chapter to find local ways to celebrate your own chapter members during this celebration and encourage other women in your community to learn more about the value of DAR membership.

Be sure to explore and share the Million Members Celebration website as a resource to view member video testimonials, DAR history, Today’s Daughters, and how to encourage others to become one in million! Follow along on the DAR Headquarters Facebook page, the Million Members Celebration Facebook page and the Today’s DAR Blog for new member profiles every week.   

Please promote the DAR Million Members Celebration through your own personal channels and in your local community so that we may gain maximum exposure and impact from this milestone anniversary. When DAR Headquarters posts stories on social media or our blog, share them on your personal and chapter social media sites so that more people can learn about the vibrancy of DAR. Here is our chance to use modern social media channels to tell the true story of DAR and our impact on America. Plan your own chapter celebrations and share with your local media and social media. Use the hashtags #TodaysDAR, #OneinaMillion and #DARMillionMembers when promoting the celebration. We have also created an "I'm one in a million!" Facebook profile frame you can use on your own profile pictures.

Shine by sharing this internal celebration with the general public so that more people may learn about the personal side of our organization: YOU, our members, the heart and soul of DAR! Thank you for being ONE IN A MILLION! I hope that you are as excited as I am to join together in this national celebration. Let us rise up and help even more women realize the joys of membership in order that our beloved DAR and its mission thrive via a bright future.

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