Launch of New Members' Section of the DAR Website

Written by: Lynn Young, President General
October 27, 2014

I am so pleased to announce the launch of the new Members’ Section of the DAR Website, which now completes our project to redesign and upgrade the DAR web presence. You can now find the Members’ Section at, but you can also still access the section through the old URL as well. I am so proud of the new attractive and unified design of our public site, members’ section, Genealogical Research System, and eMembership.

As many of you know, previously the DAR Public Website and DAR Members’ Website were two completely separate sites. Now all of the content and resources of the two sites can be found in one convenient location. Everything that you are used to having access to on the DAR Members’ Website can all still be found in this new Members’ Section along with many new enhancements.

Now that the Members’ Section is part of the DAR public site, we won’t have the problem of members not knowing how to find the members’ website (or not even knowing we had a members’ website). The Members’ Section provides such valuable content specific to members and we want all members to have easy access to this information. With this greater visibility for the Members’ Section, we have also created a log-in so only members can view the member section content, which is something members have been requesting for years. Members are able to log in to the site by identifying their state (or units overseas), their chapter (or member-at-large), and entering their national number. We hope this joining of the once separate sites (public and members) will help clear up confusion and give greater access to members, while still keeping the member content private by prompting a log-in for users.

I know change is a little scary sometimes, but please take just a little time to explore this new design and you’ll see that it’s very easy to use. To get an overview of some of the new features of the Members’ Section, please reference this PDF with screen shots and explanations.

Our members’ site statistics show us that generally even the most visited page on the Members’ site was only accessed by 4% of the visitors – which basically means that every member coming to the members’ website is looking for something different. That makes it very hard to provide a direct link to every specific page that each different member is looking for when she visits the site – especially when there are more than 2,000 pages that members could be accessing. However, we’ve tried to make the new Members’ Section as easy to search as possible. There are so many different access points to information on the site such as using the:

  • mega menu navigation options
  • quick links on the homepage
  • section navigation links located on the right hand box
  • quick link colored boxes at the bottom of the page that you can scroll with the arrows
  • footer links that show all the public section content you can easily switch over to view
  • and of course, the enhanced search function which is represented by the magnifying glass you click on in the top right corner of the site

The enhancements that were made to the new DAR Website that launched in May now also benefit the Members’ Section of the site. For instance the Members’ Section features responsive design, which means the web pages automatically adjust to fit whatever device you are using (say, if you were on your smartphone, the pages will display in an easy to view size specifically for a mobile phone).

Like me, I am sure a lot of you are fans of the upgraded eCommerce section of the site which makes it more convenient for members to do one-stop shopping with their credit cards. You can purchase supplies and gifts from the DAR Store, subscribe to American Spirit magazine and Daughters newsletter, and make a donation to the Society all in the same transaction. With the launch of the new Members’ Section, we are also unveiling the new Online DAR Wish List that features items needed by National Headquarters that members are able to sponsor – and now they can easily sponsor those items by credit card instead of going through multiple steps to reserve an item and mail a check.

For more information about the new Members’ Section, see this members’ announcement and also view the PDF overview of the new section highlights.

I hope you enjoy the new Members’ Section of the DAR Website as much as I do. We couldn’t have done it without your help both through your feedback on how we can make the website better and also through your support of the President General’s Project that helped fund some of this website upgrade!

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