DAR Chapter Meetings - Let's Think About It

Written by: Nancy Hemmrich, Organizing Secretary General
May 4, 2017

Let’s think about a chapter meeting that members enjoy attending. Members want to attend a meeting where the people are friendly and welcoming.   Do you ask a new member to sit with you and introduce her to your chapter friends?  Does your chapter have a social hour?   If it does, do you make an effort to visit with some of the members that you do not know well?  If your chapter has a luncheon, do you ask a prospective or new member to join you at your table?

As I visit chapters, I enjoy mingling with the members before the meeting and finding out about their lives and their interests.  That member that you do not know might have a wonderful talent that can be just the asset that your chapter needs for a project or maybe for an interesting program. It can really be fun getting to know people.

Are your meetings run efficiently?  Do the meetings drag?  Your chapter committee reports should be crisp, sharp and to the point. 

Programs?  Members want informative, timely programs.  Programs should be no longer than 20-30 minutes.  This means that your meetings should be no longer than an hour.  If you have a chapter community project, ask a member or a community leader to give a program on it.  Ask your DAR State Leaders to give a program.   They are anxious to create enthusiasm about DAR state projects. Be on the lookout for programs everywhere.  I recently saw an interesting newspaper article concerning a building site for 54 homes that was preserving 80% of the trees.  Wouldn’t that make a great program on Conservation?   

As your chapter begins planning for the 2017-2018 year, it’s time to take a hard look at your chapter meetings and what can make them more interesting, friendly, and timely.  Make that chapter meeting one that your members and YOU don’t want to miss and this will keep your members active and excited about the DAR!

If you’re looking for other ideas and tips on holding engaging chapter meetings and keeping members excited about the DAR, there are great resources on the Membership Committee section of the website. For starters check out these links:

Member Involvement and Retention

Tips and suggestions to help chapters be prosperous by thriving, growing and flourishing with committed members engaged in activities that promote DAR objectives of historic preservation, education and patriotism.

Membership Resources

Member recruitment and involvement resources that help chapters reach out to members by “inviting, inquiring and inspiring member involvement.”

DAR Team Awesome

Join the Membership Team Awesome to help your chapter or state in:
- Exploring and searching for new members

- Assisting prospective members in climbing their tree to become a Daughter

- Educating and enlightening Daughters about our wonderful organization

- Reaching out to current Daughters to keep them engaged and on the path

- Promoting the development of future leaders

- Cheering and guiding the team to greater heights


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