A Visit to the SAR Conference

July 15, 2013

It was an honor to be a guest of the Sons of the American Revolution for their 123rd Congress held in Kansas City, Missouri last week.  Under the leadership of Steve Leishman, President General 2012-2013, the SAR has grown to over 30,000 members. 

Both the SAR and the DAR have a strong emphasis on youth and many members of both organizations have served as Senior leaders of the Children of the American Revolution, including Hans Jackson, the first SAR member to serve as Senior National President of the C.A.R. 

In addition to recognizing the outstanding teacher of American History, other youth awards included an essay contest and awards to the C.A.R., an outstanding Eagle Scout, and an outstanding ROTC/JROTC student. 

Particularly impressive was the opportunity to attend the final round of the Joseph S. Rumbaugh Historical Oration Contest, which is open to any high school student.  The subject dealt with an event, personality, or document pertaining to the Revolutionary War and its relationship to America today. Six of the fifteen division finalists competed in the final round and had an interesting way in which to relate the history of the colonial times to current times.   Rest assured, I was grateful to not be a judge!

In greeting the Congress, I had the opportunity to express our appreciation for their extraordinary support during our 123 year history.  Shorty after the SAR organized in 1889 one of their officers, William O. McDowell,  offered to help compile the names and addresses of female descendants of patriots of the American Revolution for the purpose of helping to organize a women’s lineage society. 

With our common bond of preserving our American history, we have recently cooperated with the SAR to identify the men who served with General Bernardo de Galvez when he defeated the British at the Siege of Pensacola.

As we continue to work together, the DAR is pleased to have offered the SAR duplicates of many of the books in our Library.  It is through cooperation that both organizations will grow stronger as we honor the patriots of the American Revolution.

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