Treasurer General

Written by: Treasurer General, Carol Jackson
July 29, 2016

Born and reared in Indiana, I graduated from Butler University in Indianapolis with a B.S. in Business Administration with a major in accounting and played string bass in the University Symphony. Accounting was a natural choice. My mother attended Butler as an accounting major before World War II. After the War, her mother, my Grandma McCalment, at age 53 went to business school and became a full charge bookkeeper, a position she held for over 20 years before retiring. When I passed the CPA exam, Grandma was the first person I called with the news. Oh, was she proud!

I am a Certified Public Accountant with my practice in Santa Monica, CA. I also serve as the financial officer for the family business in Indianapolis, Oakley-Hammond Funeral Home, a business owned by my brother and started by our great-great aunt in 1905. We are proud to be family owned and operated for four generations.

While I have been a DAR member for more than 30 years, I was the first in my family to join. I remember that Grandma McCalment would place her beautiful hand over her bosom and say, “You know, we’re eligible for DAR.” However, no one had joined. It took a young woman, an employee who requested the afternoon off to attend her chapter meeting, to ask, “Why aren’t you a member?”

For many years, I was content to serve as chapter treasurer and be involved in all types of other community service including Rotary, the local Chamber, and other boards. I also played string bass in the pit orchestra for a local high school’s musicals. After serving as regent of Malibu Chapter, I then served the California Society as Treasurer, Chaplain, Vice Regent, and Regent.

The Treasurer General receives all funds of the Society and disburses monies in accordance with decisions made by Continental Congress, the National Board of Management, and the Executive Committee.  Chairing the Investment Committee and sitting on the Finance Committee along with being responsible for the accounting, business, and information systems departments are other responsibilities. Ensuring that each state society maintains its exempt status is of particular importance to me along with encouraging the states to assist chapters to do the same. The IRS and many state agencies are seriously focusing on exempt organizations and compliance with filing requirements.

My husband Jerry and I have been married nearly 39 years and reside in Malibu. We met and were married at Malibu Presbyterian Church. Nineteen years ago Jerry received a life-saving liver transplant in the middle of a four-week coma. Six years ago he received a kidney transplant. We share our miracle story before church groups, DAR chapters, and service clubs to promote organ donor awareness and educate people of the great need for organ and tissue donation.

To honor the memory of my mother and grandmother, it is my privilege to serve as Treasurer General during the Dillon Administration as we are Moving Forward in Service to America! 

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