The Service to America Committee and the National DAR Day of Service

Written by: Sharla Luken, National Chair, Service to America Committee
August 29, 2016

A new administration has begun and we are “Moving Forward in Service”!   The Dillon Administration is committed to service and established a new National Committee - Service to America, which is a continuation of the Celebrate America! committee.   Our Society will continue to move forward in meaningful community service that will impact those communities in which we live and work. 

With this goal in mind, we will again be celebrating the National DAR Day of Service for chapters to give back to their communities through volunteer service.  While October 11, 2016, has been designated the “official” Day of Service (as it is the anniversary of our founding), we are encouraging chapters to hold their service projects on whichever day surrounding October 11 that works best for them. For instance, some chapters may find it more convenient to hold theirs on October 8; others maybe choose October 9, 10 or 11.  Of course, Daughters should be reminded that for the DAR, every day is a “Day of Service to America”. Chapters may choose any project or have several projects on any of these days. 

What is meaningful community service?  Ask yourself – Does this benefit the community at large?  Is the action one that is visible in the community?  If so, then yes, it is community service!!  There are many opportunities for members to engage in meaningful community service such as:  working in homeless shelters or soup kitchens, working with disabled children or adults, attending  stand down for our veterans, volunteering in churches, transporting or sitting with those facing medical issues (non-family members), serving in animal shelters and rescue operations, leading Scout troops and other youth groups, registering voters and serving as poll workers, and many other volunteer activities.  Be sure to see the section on “meaningful community service” on the Service to America Committee page of the web site ( You can also email with any questions.

It is our mission to demonstrate the positive volunteer opportunities associated with DAR membership to current and prospective members; to further engage Daughters in meaningful service work within the Society’s mission areas; and to encourage members to discover the rewards that come from volunteerism.

We hope that all members share their projects for the National DAR Day of Service with their members, with this committee and by emailing photos and stories to Additionally, please plan to share your National DAR Day of Service photos on social media with the hashtag #DARDayofService.  Remember this is our opportunity to give back to our communities.  In this way, we help to enhance the public’s appreciation of our DAR service work and the vitality and vibrancy of today’s DAR!  

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