Remember to Enter Your Celebrate America! Service Hours

Written by: Lynn Young, President General
August 20, 2014

At this year’s Continental Congress we felt ignited by the spirit of volunteering throughout the week’s activities, particularly at Celebrate America Night, and I am eager to see all members continue with this spirit as they are beginning a new year of DAR work.

Enter your Celebrate America! service hours here!

During the Opening Night Ceremony of Congress, we premiered a Celebrate America! video highlighting the initiative and the service work of our members. Please view this inspiring video on the Celebrate America! page of the website or on the DAR YouTube page and share it with everyone you know so we can show the public what DAR is doing today in communities across the country. Post the video on your state and chapter websites, share it on social media, email it to people wanting to know more about the DAR – help get the word out about DAR Celebrate America!

I want to also encourage all of you to get involved in new volunteer opportunities in your communities for Celebrate America! You will be amazed to see the impact you can make on others and how this service can have an impact on you.

I recently read through some of the new stories and photos that have been sent to and I was amazed to see the variety of projects in which members are involved. Some members work with animals, others volunteer their time planning community events and parades and many use their talents, for example crocheting, to make blankets for veterans and those in hospitals. I will be sharing more specific stories on the blog in the upcoming months and hope they will inspire you to do more in your own communities and remind you to record your Celebrate America! hours in the online tally as we get closer and closer to the end the reporting year.  Please continue to share your photos and stories with us, so that we can share your wonderful community service work with everyone.

Remember to enter your volunteer hours in the Celebrate America! Online Tally so that we can keep track of our progress. So far this year members have recorded 649,516 hours – I know we must have more hours than that but we need you to report them in the online system! Last year DAR members gave 4.7 million hours of community service. Can we reach that same incredible amount this year? Can we beat it?! We still have a ways to go to reach our goal of 10 million by the end of the administration. Get out there and show the public who DAR members really are – passionate and dedicated volunteers!

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