Order Your Own Personalized 125th Continental Congress Certificate!

Written by: Lynn Young, President General
February 12, 2016

There will be many special highlights at the upcoming 125th Continental Congress in our nation’s capital – in fact, it’s an occasion so historic that you have a chance to order a personalized commemorative certificate to celebrate this milestone event!  The beautiful keepsake is modeled after a commemorative edition created for the 100th Continental Congress.  Its text reads:

Be it hereafter recorded that
Your Name Here
Is a Member in Good Standing on the Momentous Occasion of the
125th Continental Congress –
An American Patriot Descended from a Long Line of American Patriots,
And a Woman Devoted to God, Home & Country.
Whereas, Members of the Daughters of the American Revolution
Have Amassed More than 12.5 Million Hours of Service to America
in Celebration of their Society’s Quasquicentennial; and
Whereas, the Auspicious and Joyous Achievement of Commemorating
125 years of Service to the Nation is the Fulfillment of
“Honoring Our Heritage ~ Focusing on the Future ~ Celebrating America!”
Be it known to all that the Bearer of this Certificate
May Proudly Proclaim that She Descends as a True
Daughter of the American Revolution.
“Guard that which is committed to thy trust.”
I Timothy 6:20
Engraved and Sealed in Commemoration of the Continental Congress,
the Fifteenth Day of June, Two Thousand Sixteen,
in the City of Washington, District of Columbia

It takes just a few moments to personalize and securely order your 11 x 14 parchment certificate, which comes ready for framing. It will be embossed with your name, a beautiful gold seal and a blue satin ribbon for just $25, including shipping and handling!  This elegant, limited-time commemorative also makes a thoughtful gift for members in your family, chapter and state.  It’s a great way to honor our heritage and celebrate DAR’s 125 years of service to America! For more information, visit: http://www.dar.org/members/125certificates.

Certificates may be ordered online from now until the close of Continental Congress on June 19, 2016. Customized certificates will ship directly to you no later than September 1, 2016. All proceeds will benefit the Guardian Trust Campaign to restore and maintain our magnificent complex of buildings for the next 125 years and beyond!

Celebrate your membership in our National Society -- order your personalized keepsake today: visit http://www.dar.org/members/125certificates!

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