A New Way to Support the National Society - Become a Sustaining Supporter

Written by: Sandra Pollack, Development Director
August 25, 2014

The 123rd Continental Congress offered a lot that was new: a new format for forums and hotel events, a new official Congress hotel and a terrific new Celebrate America event. As you may have heard, NSDAR also rolled out a new program called Sustaining Supporter.  

This program encourages donors to invest in the work of DAR as they have always done, but offers individuals the opportunity to contribute through automatic monthly gifts made via a credit card charge or electronic funds transfer from their bank account. 

Congress attendees were very enthusiastic about the program. Almost 600 members signed up during Congress and in the weeks that followed!

What we learned through the early registration process was that Sustaining Supporter has great appeal for many different donors. One of the most vocal groups of supporters were the Junior members. Many who signed up for the program talked about how this is a great way for them to get started earning their pins and regularly supporting those programs they value most, all while staying within their budget!

Additionally, we heard from more mature members who were grateful for an opportunity to support the work of NSDAR that fit within their fixed income. 

But one of the primary topics of conversation has been how members can use Sustaining Supporter to contribute enough each month in order to be eligible for 1890 Annual Giving Circle, the recognition society for annual contributions to the General Fund/Area of Greatest Need.  Members are excited about how Sustaining Supporter allows them to set it and forget it! So many Daughters reported that, in the past, they got to the end of the year and hadn't given enough to be included because they lost track of how much they sent or they simply forgot to send in the contribution.  

Through Sustaining Supporter, donors are encouraged to tailor their support to meet their individual needs by selecting a monthly giving amount that works for them. As a Sustaining Supporter, participants are also able to divide monthly gifts between any number of different funds by contributing a minimum of $5 per fund.

We’ve saved the best news for last: Through this program, donors are eligible to purchase the official Sustaining Supporter pin (authorized for placement on the Official Ribbon) after the completion of program sign-up and the first payment.  Plus, donors who enroll before December 31, 2014, are considered Charter Members! Following the first year of consecutive monthly giving, Sustaining Supporters will receive the Sustaining Supporter one-year charm, and they will receive additional charms for uninterrupted monthly giving in the years that follow.

To sign up, visit www.DAR.org/monthlygiving, download the application and send it to NSDAR. Or call 1-800-449-1776 to enroll by phone.

And with all things fun and interesting, Chapters can earn CAA credit for all members of Sustaining Supporter. If anyone is interested in having brochures for chapter presentations, the Office of Development can provide them.  

We are gratified by the enthusiasm and appreciation expressed toward this. The Office of Development is pleased to offer this automatic monthly giving option to all members, and anyone else who is interested in supporting the mission of NSDAR. 

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