New Administration Updates

Written by: Ann Dillon, President General
July 7, 2016

I hope the new leadership of the Dillon Administration Executive Officers, National Board of Management and National Committee Chairs will help bring new energy and new ideas as we continue the important work that DAR members have carried out for the past 125 years.

During the first National Board of Management Meeting of the Dillon Administration on June 19, the President General’s Project was adopted, which will move the society forward by:

  • Restoring and improving the NSDAR complex of historic buildings
  • Supporting chapters through membership and community service promotions
  • Advancing technological and financial accounting capabilities that serve to reinforce the Society’s promotion of history, education and patriotism
  • Designing tools and techniques to increase public recognition of DAR’s service and contributions to the Nation including, but not limited to, funding Special Projects Grants
  • Furthering the financial stability of the Society through the promotion of established development programs and prudent investment strategies.

Additionally, rulings were passed about donations to the President General’s Project, including a contribution of $100 or more to the President General’s Project, “Moving Forward,” the donor may purchase the President General’s Project pin to be worn on the official ribbon; a contribution of $1,250 or more to the President General’s Project entitles the donor to become a benefactor and receive the benefactor pin; the chapter contribution to the President General’s Project is set at $2.50 per member per year (a total of $7.50 during an administration).

Please explore the National Committee pages on the Members’ Section of the DAR Website to learn about new initiatives and procedures of the committees and get to know your new National Chairs. There are three committees in particular I encourage you to learn more about. The new Community Classroom Committee seeks to encourage Daughters to provide additional support to teachers and children in classrooms and schools in their own communities throughout the nation, as well as overseas.  The Service to America Committee is a continuation of the Celebrate America! Committee encouraging volunteer service and I hope you review the committee page to see the new focus.  The Educational Resources Committee also is not new, but is now ready for curriculum and/or lesson plan submissions that focus on American history, government, heritage, genealogy as well as related language and/or math topics of interest to all educators.

As you begin to plan for your chapter’s upcoming year, you can find the National Information Packet (NIP) here: Please take time to read Part 1 as it includes a great deal of helpful information. A paper version of the NIP will not be mailed to chapters this year, but if you would like a paper copy you can order one from the DAR Store here.

I am excited that we will continue the National DAR Day of Service this year as we celebrate our 126th anniversary on October 11, 2016! The National DAR Day of Service will be Saturday, October 8, 2016, to accommodate chapters’ service activities on the weekend (but members are also welcome to plan service projects on other days around the anniversary if needed). Mark your calendars and start planning your projects!

Continue to record your volunteer service hours in the Service to America Online Tally here: We are challenging the members to report 19 million hours of service over the next three years in celebration of the 100th anniversary of the Congressional approval of the 19th Amendment. I believe our members can meet this lofty goal, but it will take all of our members participating!

As a way of introduction to your new Executive Officers, you will find their titles and names below and more information can be found about their offices on the Members’ section of the DAR Website. Additionally, I have asked each of them to write a guest blog post about who they are, what their job entails and what they hope to accomplish. 

First Vice President General - Denise Doring VanBuren
Chaplain General - Pamela Rouse Wright
Recording Secretary General - Morgan Meyr Lake
Corresponding Secretary General - Virginia Grace Lingelbach
Organizing Secretary General - Nancy Garrison Hemmrich
Treasurer General - Carol Oakley Jackson
Registrar General - Mary Bannister Frisch
Historian General - Virginia Hudson Trader
Librarian General - Patricia Musick Hatfield
Curator General - Barbara McDonald Frankenberry
Reporter General - Cornelia Ball Olde

I am looking forward to you getting more acquainted with them through their guest posts in the upcoming weeks.

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