A Look at the New 2016 Genealogy 101 Classes

Written by: Kiera E. Nolan, DAR Library Reference Librarian
January 15, 2016

With the New Year come new programs at the DAR Library! In addition to our annual Lecture Series, on January 30, 2016 the DAR Library is starting Genealogy 101! Genealogy 101 is a series of classes on a variety of genealogical topics. All classes are free to the public, and will be held on Saturday mornings once a month in the O’Byrne Gallery adjacent to the DAR Library, at DAR Headquarters, 1776 D Street NW, Washington, DC 20006. Each class will be led by a member of the DAR Library staff or by DAR Genealogists. The 2016 Genealogy 101 schedule of classes is as follows:

Introduction to Genealogy
January 30, 2106 10AM
Presented by Mark Whatford, Assistant Director of the Library, NSDAR, MLS and Kiera E. Nolan Reference Librarian, NSDAR, MSLIS

This class will be all about how to start your genealogy. There will be an overview of the steps to begin, what types of records our ancestors left behind, where to find those records, and the resources the DAR Library has to offer. Please register at http://darJan30.eventbrite.com

The Genealogical Genome: DNA Research
February 27, 2016 10AM
Presented by Tom Ragusin, Genealogist, NSDAR

What can your DNA tell you about your family tree? This class will be all about the expectations you may have about what your DNA can tell you and which company may be right for you. Ancestry.com, 23 and Me, and Family Tree DNA kits will all be compared based on the results received after testing on one individual. Please register at http://darFeb27.eventbrite.com

That’s Revolutionary (War)! Answers to Basic Questions Genealogists are Afraid to Ask
April 2, 2016 10AM
Presented by Bevin Creel, Genealogist, NSDAR

Understanding essential cultural, legal and military concepts from the Revolutionary War era may help you to achieve the breakthrough you’re looking for, or may prevent you from chasing rabbit trails in your research. This presentation will touch on ideas and records of a military and non-military nature, and will include discussion of both loyalist and patriot ancestors. Come get some great answers to some basic questions and learn something new along the way! Please register at http://darApr2.eventbrite.com

Mysterious Mothers: Finding Your Female Ancestors
April 30, 2016 10AM
Presented by Kiera E. Nolan, Reference Librarian, NSDAR, MSLIS

Finding women in genealogical research is hard due to the lack of records left behind. It is hard to find women in naturalization records, census records before 1850, land records, and legal records. In this class we will explore alternative strategies to use to find records women did leave behind. Come learn about where you can find sources and documentation on your female ancestors! Please register at http://darApr30.eventbrite.com

African American Genealogical Research
May 21, 2016 10AM
Presented by Yvonne Liser

The biggest obstacle while tracing African American lineage is slavery. The institution of slavery left few records beyond a bill of sale, and broke the bonds of families. The challenges of reaching back to the period before the Civil War are great, but tools are available if you know where to look. Join us as we go through how to conduct genealogical research on your African American ancestors. Please register at http://darMay21.eventbrite.com

Sir, I’ll Find Out Sir! New York Military Records
September 24, 2016 10AM
Presented by Tom Ragusin, Genealogist, NSDAR

Don’t know where to find New York military records, or even what type of New York military records are out there? Join us to find out! Please register at http://darSept24.eventbrite.com

This Land Was Their Land: Land and Property Records
October 29, 2016 10AM
Presented by Forrest Crosley, Genealogist, NSDAR

Land. Who owned it? How did they get it? Where can I locate those records? Come learn the answers to these questions and more! Please register at http://darOct29.eventbrite.com

Friendly Ancestors: An Introduction to Quakers for Genealogists
November 19, 2016 10AM
Presented by Elizabeth Ernst, Catalog Librarian, NSDAR, MLS

Come join us for a friendly morning of learning about the Quakers, what records they kept, and how to obtain those records! Please register at http://darNov19.eventbrite.com

An Ocean Away: Immigration Records
December 17, 2016 10AM
Presented by Kiera E. Nolan, Reference Librarian, NSDAR, MSLIS

From sea to shining sea people flocked to America and continue to do so. In this class we will be going through the records kept on those folks flowing into America through time. You will be learning about what records were kept and where you can find records on your first American ancestors! Please register at http://darDec17.eventbrite.com


We are excited about these new classes and we hope you will help us spread the word about Genealogy 101! Learn more here.

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