An Introduction to the Educational Resources Committee

Written by: Adele G. Morris, National Chair, Educational Resources Committee
March 18, 2016

I am so excited to tell you a little bit about the new Educational Resources Committee today! We have been very active during the past few months getting organized and developing the tools that we will be using.  

This committee was established to electronically provide lesson plans focusing on America, its history, government, heritage, genealogy, as well as related language and/or math topics for teachers to use.  These lesson plans may be submitted by DAR members or the public for use in schools, clubs or other interested groups. Having these lesson plans readily available will allow teachers to easily select those that meet their needs. Once we get under way and we have a selection of lesson plans ready to go and they will be published in the Members’ section of the website on the Educational Resources Committee page as well as on the public DAR website.

So this is where we need your help! Are you a teacher or do you have experience or special knowledge in history, government, heritage or genealogy and have an idea for a lesson plan? Submit it to us! More information is located on our committee page here. You’ll need to complete a Cover Sheet and Lesson Plan Template and you’ll want to review the Evaluation Rubric to see that your lesson plan is in compliance for how the Vice Chairs will vet submissions. Once you’ve completed your forms you should submit them all to

Additionally, if DAR members have special expertise in the content areas of Social Studies, Language Arts, Government, History, Civics, Math or Economics and would be interested in working with the committee in vetting/evaluating the submitted lesson plans, please send your contact information to  Identify in the subject area – “Additional Expert!” We may need additional experts as the volume of submitted lesson plans increases. Please provide information as to your strengths and experience in the K-12 content areas.

If you have any questions about the Educational Resources Committee please contact us at We look forward to seeing your lesson plans soon!

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