Introducing Guest Blogging

September 25, 2013

I am very excited that we now have the opportunity to feature guest bloggers on the Today’s DAR blog. This will be a great way to get another person’s perspective and have them tell their story.

Periodically, I shall invite Executive Officers, National Chairs, Department Heads and other staff members to write a guest blog post that pertains to their role in the National Society. I think it is going to be wonderful to have another person discussing topics in their area of expertise.  I am so looking forward to including others who serve the National Society involved with the Today’s DAR blog!

For each guest blog post I will introduce our blogger and the topic they will be discussing and then I will let them take it away! I hope you will find the information they share helpful in your DAR work.

I would love to hear who you are most interested in hearing from and what topics you would like to learn more about in a guest blog post!

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