How is Your Chapter Celebrating DAR's 125 Years of Service to America?

Written by: Presley Wagoner, Honorary President General and National Chair of the Celebrate 125! Committee
April 29, 2015

Has your chapter started making plans for celebrating the 125th anniversary of the founding of DAR? We hope you will be honoring our 125 years of service to America by giving back to your local community in some way. One of the best ways to celebrate the heritage of our Society is by sharing our fascinating past as well as promoting the work of “Today’s DAR” through our actions in our local communities. Also, plan to participate in a service project on the National DAR Day of Service on October 11, 2015. The National DAR Day of Service is a special way in which all of us can come together from coast to coast to demonstrate the combined impact of our mission!

Celebrations of our DAR anniversary are taking place throughout the year at the National and local levels, and we want to remind you of some of the ways you can be involved. A great way to keep up with all that is happening during this commemorative year is to visit the Celebrate 125! public page on the DAR website. There are also many wonderful resources on the Celebrate 125! Committee page in the DAR Members’ section of the website.

We hope you will be able to join us at Continental Congress where you are invited to participate in many exciting 125th anniversary events, including a very special Opening Night Ceremony. We know many of you can’t travel to Washington, D.C., to be with us this summer, and it’s just as important to us that you are part of our nationwide 125th celebrations as well!

Here are ways you can participate in our anniversary celebrations even if you can’t attend Congress:

How Should We Celebrate?

To commemorate our 125th anniversary, we hope members and chapters will participate in service projects throughout this year.  During your activities, tell others about the DAR and this exciting anniversary year. Also remember to enter these service hours in the Celebrate America! Online Tally to help us reach our goal of 10 million hours of community service.

In addition to volunteer projects all year long, we will conduct the National DAR Day of Service on October 11, 2015, 125 years to the day after our Society’s founding. This will provide an opportunity to join together in a nationwide effort to illustrate our National Society’s commitment to America.

We’re excited to announce that you can now pre-order the special commemorative DAR Service t-shirts from the DAR Store. They feature the Celebrate 125! logo on the front and a large DAR logo on the back with the words “Celebrating 125 Years of Service to America.” We encourage you to wear these t-shirts when you’re performing your service projects so that people can identify you as active DAR members. Start a conversation about the DAR anniversary, and don’t forget to take lots of photographs and share them via social and traditional media.  Also, email them to DAR Headquarters at

Share Your Chapter’s History

The work of our members and chapters over the past 125 years has built and strengthened our organization, and we want to share that local history as well as the history of our National Society. Share the stories of your chapters and celebrate them with your chapter and community. Be sure to post photos and stories on the DAR Celebrate 125! Facebook Page at so that others may appreciate them, too!

Take a peek at this slideshow of some of the chapter stories that have already been shared on Facebook (we will keep adding to this slideshow so be sure to add your photos to the DAR Celebrate 125! Facebook Page).

Promote the Anniversary to the Public

Our DAR story is extraordinary!  We need to share it with the public – and we need your help! Our 125th anniversary is a perfect opportunity to educate the public about the history of DAR as well as to highlight what DAR is doing in our local communities today.  It also gives us a chance to engage prospective members and explain to them that NOW is the opportune time to join DAR!

There are many resources available on the Celebrate 125! Committee page to assist you in promoting this special anniversary in your local community. You can access downloadable templates for news releases and proclamations as well as downloadable photos and the Celebrate 125! Logo.

Learn About DAR History Online and Share With Others

Go to the Celebrate 125! Website to learn more about our Society.   Encourage those who want to know more about the DAR to visit this special commemorative section of the website, where you will find photo galleries, videos, magazine features and more! New slideshows have been posted recently, so make sure you visit the website to view some of these rarely seen photos from the NSDAR Archives!

Another way to learn about DAR history is to follow the DAR Headquarters Facebook Page at  Every Thursday, DAR photos from the NSDAR Archives are posted as part of the Throwback Thursday (#TBT) series. When these Throwback Thursday photos are posted on Facebook, remember to “Like” the post, but even better, when you “Share” the post, you help to give the DAR even greater exposure by bringing attention to DAR history via your social media circles. That’s how we can help to spread the DAR story and encourage more women to join our organization!

If you are not on Facebook but want to see some of the Throwback Thursday photos that have been posted, a slideshow has been created on the DAR website.

Commemorative Keepsakes

Whether you want to play DAR-opoly with your friends or display a beautiful 125th Anniversary Plate in your china cabinet, there are many wonderful commemorative items available, which will be constant reminders of this exciting time for years to come.  You can see all of these 125th Anniversary Commemorative items in the DAR Store.

We can’t wait to see how YOU commemorate this special occasion! Please email us at and tell us how your chapter plans to celebrate our 125th anniversary!

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