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Written by: Historian General, Ginger Trader
August 5, 2016

“A Town Too Big for One State”, the motto of Delmar, with one half of the town in Maryland and the other half in Delaware.  Growing up in this small town on the Delaware side, we played outside from sun up to sun down.  As a middle child with a brother six years older and a brother six years younger, I learned very quickly the value of a close family in a close community.  My father was a blue collar worker for the DuPont Company while holding the office of Mayor for Delmar and my mother was the local hairdresser and President of the School Board.  Dad ran a tight ship with God being the focus of our family unit.   He instilled in us moral values, respect for others, community service and as he would put it, “getting your priorities straight.”

Professionally, for the last 35 years I have worked as a commodity broker specializing in the buying and selling of poultry.  After the passing of my father in 2014, I inherited his poultry farm so I can honestly say I take the chicken full circle by growing, selling and eating.

The beginning of my love for the DAR came in 1989 when my Aunt Virginia asked me if I would take her to a DAR meeting as she was unable to drive any longer.  Aunt Ginny, as we called her, told me that the local chapter met at the Seaford Country Club and she would buy my lunch.  As I was thrilled to join her and eat at the Country Club, I was unsure of what to expect from a group of refined older ladies.   Much to my surprise, the Daughters of the Mary Vining Chapter were happy to see a younger woman that was most interested in the common goals of preserving our local landmarks, promoting historic education in our schools and showing our patriotism throughout the local community.  Sisters Elise Vincent and Betty Young went right to work on helping me secure the documentation I needed to become a member and in February of 1992, I was so happy to receive my national number as an official member.  You may ask why it took so long?   Well, my Aunt Virginia was not a direct relative of mine and we did hit some major road blocks along the way.  The Daughters never gave up on the potential they saw in this younger prospective member that was just joining her aunt for lunch.

It has truly been an honor and a privilege that I don’t take lightly to have served the Delaware Daughters as their State Regent, and now to serve with the Dillon Associates as your Historian General. I realize I have big shoes to fill but with God as my helper I am up for the challenge to continue the work of those before me.

Historic Preservation is the focus of this office by maintaining the NSDAR Americana Collection, the NSDAR Archives, the Special Collection Pertaining to the History of the NSDAR, and the DAR Historical Research Library.   This office grants the permission to mark graves of Revolutionary War patriots/soldiers, their spouses and daughters with DAR approved markers, permission to mark historic sites by the National Society, the state organizations and the chapters.   The Outstanding Teacher of American History contest and the DAR History Award Medal are also handled through the Historian General’s office.

As we “Move Forward in Service to America”, I look forward to working with you as we all work to carry out the goals of this Society.

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