Help DAR Set a World Record in Patriotism!

Written by: Lynn Young, President General
January 21, 2016

I am excited to announce that as the grand finale of our Celebrate America! service initiative, we have set an ambitious goal: to literally set a world record in Patriotism! Working with officials at GUINESS WORLD RECORDS™, DAR is making a formal attempt to set a new record for the “Most letters to military personnel collected in one month.”  All of these letters must be brought to -- and collected during -- the week of our 125th Continental Congress.

One of the most rewarding aspects of DAR membership is the ability to express our love of country through our support of America’s Armed Forces. I’m asking DAR members to write and collect as many letters as possible. In order to establish a new world record, we must collect at least 10,000 letters at Congress.

Under the capable leadership of National Vice Chair Leslie Pfeiffer, we have established a webpage information center at that provides all the important details. Please be sure to note that there are exceptionally strict rules that apply in order to successfully set this record:

  1. Individuals may submit only one letter each.
  2. DAR is collecting the letters for mailing -- so invite nonmembers to participate and simply collect and bundle their letters with your own. There is no age restriction, so letters from children that meet all requirements may be included.
  3. Letters may be addressed to specific deployed individuals OR to Active Duty Personnel serving at the list of military installations available at So, you are free to address the letters to individuals you know if you would prefer to do so.
  4. Every letter must contain three components: a) a greeting (e.g. Dear Soldier or Dear John Smith); b) an original message of support/appreciation; and c) a closing (e.g. love, thanks, sincerely) and a signature.
  5. There is no size/length requirement. Both letters and cards may be used – however, all submissions must contain the three elements identified above in order to qualify.
  6. All letters must be the original submission of the participant – no form letters/templates may be used. They should be handwritten and include your return name/address on the envelope.
  7. All letters must bear a 49-cent first class U.S. postage stamp; letters without postage will be discarded.
  8. No letter may be sealed! The official adjudicator will open and inspect random samples during the verification process. DAR will seal the letters before mailing.
  9. All letters must be packaged in bundles of 50 and securely bound with rubber bands. This bundling is essential to establishing the official count.
  10. All letters must be brought to Continental Congress, logged in and deposited in designated receptacles. Due to the “one month” nature of the record, all letters must be submitted during Congress; do not mail them in advance or as individuals. Letters will only be accepted in person during the week of Congress and may not be mailed to our National Headquarters.

This is a great DAR Project Patriot activity for your chapter!  I hope that you will invite other patriotic Americans to join you in writing the letters that you will collect and bring to Congress. C.A.R. Societies, VFW Posts, service clubs, churches, etc. are all invited to join in, but all submissions must meet the rules cited above.  Please check regularly for instructions, latest developments and an updated list of military installations.  Questions regarding the GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS™ attempt may be directed to

Won’t you help DAR set this world record? What a fabulous way to Celebrate America!

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