DNA and DAR: Launch of New Policy, New Online Course and Special Discount on Y-DNA Testing

January 2, 2014

With the new year come many exciting new developments for DAR! As many of you may recall me reporting to you after the October Board, the decision was made to begin accepting Y-DNA as supporting evidence for DAR applications and supplementals starting in 2014.

I am so pleased that this new policy is now in effect! Because of continued advancements in science we are able to expand our application verification process and procedures to give prospective members, and members who are having difficulty with a supplemental patriot, new avenues that might help break down their brick walls with the help of Y-DNA evidence. I look forward to this adaptation in the policy helping us expand our membership and further genealogical research methods.

Additionally, I’m happy to announce that DAR has collaborated with Family Tree DNA to provide a special discount for Y-DNA testing. Family Tree DNA, our preferred testing partner, is offering $30 off their Y-DNA 37 Marker Test as a special discount for those wishing to use the results for DAR application purposes. Family Tree DNA is not the only provider of genetic genealogy tests, but they have the largest Y marker database in the world. The Y-DNA 37 test offered by Family Tree DNA includes a designated marker set that meets the reporting criteria outlined in the guidelines and test requirements for Using DNA Evidence for DAR Applications. Remember you will need to have a male family member take this DNA test for you since Y-DNA is only passed down through the male genes. For more information and to take advantage of this special offer, visit the DAR page of the Family Tree DNA website at www.familytreedna.com/DAR.

While I’ve been learning a lot recently about the potential use of DNA in support of DAR applications, it still can be very complex and I’m sure many of you also have a number of questions! To help us learn more, the DAR Genealogy Department has developed a new GEP online course all about how Y-DNA can be used to support DAR membership applications and supplemental applications. This course does not require you to first take the other GEP courses and it is also open to prospective members and non-members. The “DNA and DAR” online course is available now, click here for more information and to register: DAR Genealogical Education Program Courses

I hope you are as excited as I am about taking our membership verification process to a new level! Please let us know what questions and comments you have about this new DNA policy and I’ll answer your questions in a future blog post.

For further information on DNA and the DAR, please explore these communications, educational materials, guidelines and procedures:


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