Deadline to Enter Your 2013 Celebrate America! Hours is February 1

January 17, 2014

Every time I look at the Celebrate America! ticker on the Members’ Website I am amazed and so proud of the dedication that DAR members have demonstrated through meaningful  community service. We encouraged you to provide 1 million hours of service in 2013, and you responded by giving 2,865,489 AND STILL COUNTING! Thank you so much for this outstanding service. Your enthusiastic response to this volunteer service initiative has been nothing short of phenomenal.   Most importantly, our communities benefit from what we do.  You have proven that DAR membership is relevant and rewarding today – and will continue to be so tomorrow!

Many members are still entering their 2013 service activities in the Online Tally and I encourage all members to enter that service within the next few weeks. The deadline for reporting 2013 Celebrate America! service hours via the online tally will be February 1, 2014. This deadline coincides with end of year chapter reporting and allows an extended time period for members to enter their 2013 activities. Please enter all 2013 service hours online by this February 1 deadline so that we may account for all of the amazing work that you have done throughout the year.

As February 1 is the deadline for the Master Questionnaire, remember to add your chapter’s total number of 2013 Celebrate America! hours to your  questionnaire. Chapter leaders can check the Online Tally for their chapter’s total number of service hours entered and then be sure to add that amount to any  service hours for the chapter that were not entered online previously. Then that final total number of hours should be reported on the Master Questionnaire.

Some members are already entering their 2014 Celebrate America! hours of service from this month! The 2014 hours are being tallied separately from the 2013 entries and will be displayed sometime after February 2, 2014, so we can start watching our progress in reaching our goal this year.

I am so excited to see what our final count for the 2013 Celebrate America! service hours will be! I will update you once we have calculated the total number of member service hours for 2013, and tell you more about Celebrate America! successes and goals for the future. In the meantime, enter those Celebrate America! hours and let’s see how high we can make the tally go! 

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