The Daughters Tribute

Written by: Mary Frisch, Celebrate 125! National Vice Chair - Daughters Tribute
September 3, 2015

As I expect you are well aware, our beloved National Society has spent 2015 celebrating 125 years of service to America.  It has been wonderful to look back on our devotion to this great nation, and all that we have done throughout our storied history. However, it is important to realize that none of those accomplishments would have occurred without the dedication of Daughters from across the nation and around the world – women who for a century and a quarter assumed the joyful obligation to honor our patriot ancestors through promotion of historic preservation, education and patriotism in communities large and small.

Now, as a permanent legacy of our quasquicentennial celebration, the National Society will pause to dedicate “The Daughters Tribute” during the October meeting of the National Board of Management. The beautiful granite monument will honor the sacrifice and dedication of the nearly 1 million women who have sustained our Society and its enduring mission of service since 1890. It will be placed in the Memorial Garden, which already features the beautiful Mississippi fountain, as a lasting tribute to the service, sacrifice and accomplishment of those who went before us.

We hope that members will pause at this new monument while visiting our National Headquarters to celebrate the women who have made a meaningful difference in their own DAR experience: the mothers, aunts, friends and chapter leaders who have welcomed and encouraged each of us in service to God, Home and Country. It will also be the ideal location to pose for pictures that celebrate the camaraderie of today’s generation of active, engaged citizens working on behalf of DAR in communities from coast to coast and around the globe.

There is an innovative additional component to the Daughters Tribute, as well. An electronic database accessed via the National Society’s Digital Donor Wall will allow participants to honor the individual Daughters who have welcomed, mentored or inspired them.  Click here to see the Daughters Tribute on the Digital Donor Wall. For example, one of my first honorees will be my grandmother, Kathryn Morgan Bannister, National Number 178488.  Kathryn joined the Buford Chapter in Huntington, West. Va., in 1922.  While I was growing up, she talked about our patriot ancestor, David Morgan. She was proud to be a member of the Daughters of the American Revolution and proud of our heritage.   Kathryn Morgan Bannister had two granddaughters, but, regrettably, neither of us joined the DAR during her lifetime.  My cousin and I wish that she could see us now, active and involved in this wonderful organization that she cared so much about during her life. 

The proceeds from the tribute will be applied to the Guardian Trust Campaign, as an ongoing method to sustain support for our complex of historic buildings.   Please note that a member will receive Heritage Club credit for her contributions to The Daughters Tribute Donor Wall. However, Daughters Tribute donations may not be used to fulfill a pledge to the Guardian Trust Campaign. All participation will need to be completed online via the easy-to-use database, which will offer the opportunity to include photographs and testimonials. Members may be honored multiple times, and chapters, state societies and non-members may salute Daughters via the online database, as well. Click here to honor a DAR member in the Daughters Tribute.

Both components of the Daughters Tribute are designed to recognize the women who founded and sustained your own chapter through the decades, as well as those women who so boldly and bravely charted the course for our National Society. It is also a great way to honor the current members, Juniors and leaders who lead us forward today. From mothers and grandmothers to mentors and friends, from charter chapter members to Honorary State Regents, these women deserve to be recognized as we together celebrate 125 years of astounding service to America. Please join me in pausing to honor the spirit of sisterhood we share in our beloved Society by honoring the dedication of the women who have sustained our important work since 1890, as well as those who represent our future. Watch for details on how to participate in the September/October edition of the Daughters newsletter. We can’t wait to see who inspired you!

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