DAR Headquarters Featured in C-SPAN Television Series

February 4, 2014

Last Spring, a C-SPAN producer contacted DAR to feature our Headquarters and collections in their upcoming programming. We were so pleased to welcome them to DAR Headquarters where they filmed two programs for C-SPAN’s American History TV series, American Artifacts.

The first program, which aired in August 2013, featured the DAR Museum exhibition, “Fashioning the New Woman: 1890-1925.” During the program, Alden O’Brien, DAR Museum Curator of Costumes, gives a tour of the exhibition, discussing the objects featured as well as the overarching exhibition theme of the shift in women’s roles and in their fashions.

The second program, which aired last weekend, focused on DAR history and our Headquarters building in Washington, D.C. During this program Raina Boyd and Kendall Casey (who at the time were DAR Museum education curators but have sadly moved on to new jobs since the time of the filming) give a tour of the building and the wonderful resources which we house. In addition to introducing the viewers to some of the DAR Museum Period Rooms, the DAR Library, and the Americana Collection, the program provides background on the history of our organization and Headquarters building.

Both of these programs were well done, entertaining and educational, providing a wealth of information about the DAR! I hope we piqued the interest of some viewers who were unaware of our organization or collections. The C-SPAN programs about the DAR are now available online and I encourage you to share them with your friends or others you meet who may be curious about DAR. Watching a video program is such an engaging way to learn more about an organization (and not have to read through a bunch of printed material!) DAR Headquarters is such a treasure to our membership and to the public. For those of you who have not been able to experience our Headquarters yourself, I hope these programs help give you a sense of all the resources these beautiful buildings offer and that you will plan to visit soon!

Below are the links to the full C-SPAN American Artifacts programs which feature DAR. I hope you (and your friends) enjoy!

“Fashioning the New Woman: 1890-1925”: http://c-spanvideo.org/program/Woman1

DAR History and Collections: http://c-spanvideo.org/program/Daughtersof


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