DAR Goals for the New Year

December 30, 2013

As we leave 2013 and enter a new year, we find ourselves reflecting on our many accomplishments over the past 12 months and setting goals for the next year.

We made incredible achievements in DAR over the past year, including doubling our Celebrate America! goal and reaching 2 million hours of community service! And I am sure with hard work and dedication, we can do even greater things in 2014. At DAR Headquarters we have been reviewing our upcoming projects and setting goals and plans for the new year. I want to encourage you to also make goals for yourself as an individual DAR member or as a chapter.

I hope you will take time to think about how you can become a more active and involved member and how you can contribute to make our organization successful.  Be thinking of what improvements you would like to make and what new initiatives you would like to implement in your chapter.

  • ·         Consider new ways to promote membership in you chapter and ways you can take a more active role in your community.
  • ·         Get involved in the Special Projects Grants committee and help a local non-profit apply for a grant to further their mission.
  • ·         What new fundraising initiatives can you start in your chapter for fundraising for your local projects and donations to the National Society?
  • ·         Find DAR committees that your chapter members are passionate about and come up with new ways for your members to become involved.
  • ·         Participate in webinars to become a more knowledgeable and active member.
  • ·         Push yourself to not only volunteer more hours  for community service but to record them on the Celebrate America! tally.

I hope these ideas will help you think of new ways you want to become involved with DAR. What goals are you going to set for yourself and your chapter in 2014?

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