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Written by: Marilyn Dexter, Lineage Research National Vice Chair, Social Media
March 30, 2018

Let’s admit it—many of us enjoy Facebook. That being said, haven’t you ever wished that there were a few pages with no games, no “What Kind of Vegetable Would You Be?” quizzes, no recipes, and no political commentary? Have I got good news for you!

The Lineage Research, NSDAR Facebook Group is just what you have been looking for! Our page is one of the best online genealogical resources you could ask for. We have over 7,000 members of the Facebook group who are all dedicated to helping with genealogical research for each other and our prospective members.

You may ask for help in any number of areas, from asking about Image Access (“what was used to prove the children of Josiah Prickett?”) to having someone critique your thought process. You may need help finding a deed, land record, or will from 1820, or perhaps you live in Alaska and need a document from the Alabama state archives. Are you having trouble linking generation 7 parents to the generation 6 daughter? We may be able to help.

You also may be able to assist someone else with your own knowledge of a particular area or family line. Feel free to post suggestions to solve a problem for another member. Yours may be the solution to an AIR (“Additional Information Required”) for someone else’s supplemental application.

On our board it is permissible to post ancestor numbers and member numbers to help narrow your request. Our members have excellent research skills and are more than willing to share their expertise. We have members world-wide and questions are often answered within minutes of posting.

Now for the fine print: you must be a current DAR member, your posts must be requests for, and offers of, research assistance, and you must be polite to the others on the board. That’s pretty much it. Please come and join us, we may have just the answer you need.

Check out the Lineage Research, NSDAR Facebook Group here: and request to join the group!

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