Celebrating Constitution Hall with a Special Reception and Photo Exhibit

Written by: Ann Dillon, President General
September 29, 2016

Last week we were thrilled to host a celebration of our Constitution Hall lobby restoration with a special reception and photography exhibit by Linda Bruckheimer. Linda, a Kentucky DAR member and wife of film and TV producer Jerry Bruckheimer, showcased over 100 photographs around the perimeter of the lobby in her exhibit “Greetings from Roadside America: Wish you were here!” which was inspired by  a childhood road trip along Route 66. You can see some of her photography work on her website: http://lindabruckheimerphotography.com/

Linda is also a dedicated preservationist who most notably worked on the restoration and revitalization of the community of Bloomfield, KY. This work and her efforts while serving on the board of the National Trust for Historic Preservation and the Los Angeles Conservancy made her worthy of recognition beyond just her photography that night. We were pleased to present the DAR Historic Preservation Medal to her during the reception for her devoted service to historic preservation efforts.

Linda’s passion for historic preservation and her photography work highlighting the history and architecture of small towns throughout America led to a natural connection with the celebration of the first public reveal of the recent historically restored DAR Constitution Hall. After extensive renovation to the 87 year old Hall, we were proud to showcase the beautifully revived lobby, which is also benefiting from the behind-the-scenes mechanical systems updated in the lobby ceiling. These renovations were made to enhance the aesthetic, comfort and safety of the building for the hundreds of thousands of people that attend Constitution Hall events each year.

The next phase of restoration at Constitution Hall will focus on conserving the original, hand painted canvas mural located in the dome above the stage; refurbishing the deteriorating pillars adjacent to the stage; and revitalizing the stage floor that is beginning to show the wear and tear of so many events each year. In addition to the conservation of the visual aspects of the historic stage, safety systems and other mechanical enhancements in the ceiling above the stage are planned to improve the safety and operations of the increasingly more complex productions that take place in Constitution Hall each year.

This event was many months in the making, beginning last spring when then-President General Lynn Young began discussions with Linda Bruckheimer about the possible collaboration. It was wonderful to see the event come together and I was so pleased to have Mrs. Young join us for the occasion. The evening was lovely and everyone enjoyed the amazing photography in our beautifully restored historic landmark building.

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