Celebrate America!

Celebrate America!

The National Society Daughters of the American Revolution will celebrate its 125th anniversary in 2015.  Since our 1890 founding, DAR members have worked tirelessly to promote historic preservation, patriotism and educational ideals through a comprehensive committee structure in communities across this nation and in Units Overseas.  Yet, the NSDAR is often looked upon as purely a lineal society and its service organization mission often goes unappreciated by the general public and even by some members. It is time that we honor our heritage as we “Celebrate America!” through our combined community service efforts.  May we all realize the vibrancy and vitality of “Today’s DAR!”

This Committee should not be confused with the already established Community Service Awards Committee.  This latter committee recognizes individuals who may or may not be DAR members for their outstanding specific service to the community. 

The Celebrate America! Committee encourages community service by our members on all levels as a means of honoring our heritage.  We give back to our communities in thanks for the nation we love!  While the total number of hours of service for all members is to be tallied, specific acts of service are not being singled out for award recognition.  However, we do want to share stories of how members are Celebrating America! Send photos, descriptions of what work was performed as well as stories of the impact of that work to DARCelebrateAmerica@gmail.com.  Let us share together what is being celebrated in our local communities!

How Can Members Celebrate America?

Daughters honor their heritage by serving within their local community on behalf of many organizations and purposes.  Many of these support the National Society’s mission objectives and others supportive of our motto truly benefit local communities.  In short, the goal of this committee is to capture the magnitude of that service to demonstrate the NSDAR’s widespread, significant impact.

With a million-hours-a-year goal in mind, members are challenged to discover the impact they make in their local communities.  All DAR members will be encouraged to record their hours of community service regularly -- in whatever capacity they serve within their communities, providing that service supports the motto of the NSDAR of “God, Home and Country” and speaks to the promotion of historic preservation, education and/or patriotism.  Hours performed January 1 through December 31 should be included.

Numbers of hours will be reported as an aggregate by chapter, and emphasis will also be placed on the stories associated with this service challenge, as reported via the Celebrate America Online Tally and the Master Questionnaire.  This is not a contest!  This is an opportunity for members to better understand just how much the service aspect of our organization matters to the fabric of America! It will also challenge them to discover new and meaningful ways to involve “Today’s DAR” in communities around the world, and to remind the public of our Society’s lasting relevance.

Can we, united in our desire to serve, achieve 1 million hours of service to America every calendar year?  Yes, we can! Imagine the impact of a million hours of community service!  The possibilities are limited only by our own making.

Think of your individual effort as a drop of water that by itself appears to be meaningless.  But soon it combines with other drops to form a pool.  Soon that pool becomes a small pond, then a creek of running water – something in motion and having a much greater impact now that it is formed of hundreds of thousands of drops of water.  Soon it is a river – composed of millions of drops of water – rushing along river banks and providing much needed relief to nature and sustaining mankind along the way.  Isn’t that just what our DAR service to America accomplishes? 


For more detailed information about Celebrate America!, click here.

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