Celebrate 125! Commemorative Products

Written by: Lynn Young, President General
August 21, 2015

In celebration of our 125th anniversary, the DAR Store is selling a number of exclusive products to commemorate this special occasion. There are a wide range of items available from a key chain or a t-shirt to a presentation bowl or a commemorative spoon. These make fantastic gifts for fellow DAR members, chapter speakers, or special keepsakes just for you.

One of the most unique and beautiful items for sale is the 100% pure silk scarf which was designed and produced in France  exclusively for the DAR’s 125th anniversary by “The Nation’s Jeweler” Ann Hand, LLC. Featured on the background of blue are the DAR and Betsy Ross flags; Memorial Continental Hall is inset on an outline of the DAR emblem in brilliant gold tones and the words: GOD, HOME, COUNTRY are prominently displayed on 3 borders of the scarf.

DAR-Opoly is an entertaining item that was created for our special anniversary. Not only is this a great keepsake but it also makes for a fun chapter program! It follows the same rules as Monopoly but with a DAR twist. Players will choose their token, learn about our committees and activities, take a ride on the Patriotism Express, make a donation to the DAR Schools, and hope to get their DAR Grant approved. It’s all fun and games until someone ends up behind the genealogical Brick Wall!

Another very special commemorative item is the book, “125 Years of Devotion to America.” This 120 page hard cover book contains inspiring reflections, prayers and ceremonial excerpts that capture Daughters’ unparalleled devotion to our American way of life during some of the most important moments in the history of our Society and our Nation. This book is a wonderful chapter resource.

The handmade sterling silver limited edition Commemorative Spoon is a modified replica of the spoon issued in 1909 to raise funds for Memorial Continental Hall.  The original spoon had the motto at the time, “Home & Country” and we added the current motto “God, Home & Country” as well as the dates 1890-2015. It comes in a silver pouch with engraved numbering on the spoon back.

The 125th Anniversary Plate is another special collectible. This beautiful plate, to our surprise, is very similar to the plate designed by Caroline Scott Harrison for the White House when she served as President General.   Another elegant custom item is the Presentation Bowl, featuring images of our historic buildings.

I hope you will visit the DAR Store Online to see all the 125th anniversary commemorative items that are for sale in addition to all of the other wonderful treasures available. If you have questions about these or any other item, please call the DAR Store at (202) 879-3217. The Guardian Trust Campaign, an endowment fund to preserve and restore our historic property, is the beneficiary of net profits from sale of 125th anniversary commemorative items.

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