Another Busy Week at Headquarters

December 6, 2013

As always we had another busy Executive Board Week at Headquarters. We covered a lot of important business and we also were able to participate in some wonderful events. I will tell you in more detail about some of the activities of the week later on, but I wanted to give you a quick overview and share some photos.

On Tuesday we were honored to host a USO concert featuring Gary Sinise and the Lt. Dan Band at Constitution Hall for employees and members of the Navy from Washington, D.C. and in particular those who work at the Navy Yard. This concert was intended to boost morale and strengthen the bonds of community among those who were affected by the Navy Yard shooting. I cannot wait to tell you more about this amazing concert.

Wednesday evening we welcomed the public to our beautiful Headquarters for the 12th annual DAR Christmas Open House. Visitors generously donated close to 300 children’s books for our Open House book drive for local children in collaboration with Books for America. Guests were invited to tour our Museum, Library and Americana Room and visited with Santa while enjoying hot cocoa and cookies! It was wonderful to mingle with guests and tell them more about our amazing organization.

Today the Executives and I joined with our DAR employees for the Holiday Luncheon. This year we held the event on the Constitution Hall stage which was such a welcomed treat.  This event included a catered lunch, raffle prizes and impromptu singing of Christmas carols. Now we can all say we have sung on the stage of DAR Constitution Hall! It was such a pleasure to thank all of our employees for their hard work and dedication to DAR.

On Saturday, we will have the honor of laying a wreath at the WWII Memorial in remembrance of Pearl Harbor Day. I am sure this will be a very moving experience. Following this we will participate in the National Board of Management meeting.

I encourage you to check back to hear about the important business we covered during December board and I hope you will enjoy these photos from some of the events this week!

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