The 12th Annual DAR Christmas Open House

December 20, 2013

As Christmas approaches, I’d love to share with you some of the photographs of the Christmas Open House held the first week of December.  This year we welcomed about 750 to our buildings and quite a few were returning visitors.  The Property Beautification and Hospitality Committee members decorate inside and out.  The outside has special lighting in the trees and wreaths hung on the columns facing 17th Street.  There is a large tree on the portico which is lit at night.

The large doors on 17th Street are open for our guests and they are greeted by the sight of a very large tree in the center of the Pennsylvania Foyer decorated with ornaments of gold, cream and eagles with poinsettias around the bottom.  Guests were asked to bring children’s books for Books for America and we had several large wrapped boxes in which to place the over 300 books.

In the O’Bryne gallery, Santa is seated in front of the mantel and the well dressed little children eagerly await an opportunity to share their wishes with him. In the corner is a tree with owls for the DAR School Committee and one on the far end lavishly decorated with peacocks for the Junior Membership Committee.  In the center of the room the Property Beautification and Hospitality members serve hot chocolate, cookies and apple juice.    

 In the stairwell between the Library and Museum, there is a patriotic tree decorated with red, white and blue ornaments. Poinsettias are placed in many of the public areas and the Library balcony is hung with garlands and red bows. The Museum staff adds appropriate holiday décor to many of the period rooms.  To add to the festivities, carolers are singing throughout the building.

It is delightful to greet our guests and to hear their enthusiasm about visiting our Headquarters.  Quite a few express an interest in becoming members and we are always eager to provide information about joining.  We all leave with a better sense of the holiday spirit and the joy of sharing our home with others.

Click here to view a slideshow from the 12th Annual DAR Christmas Open House

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