Updated PDF Membership Application Now Available!

Written by: Karen Janczy, DAR Genealogist
January 29, 2019

On January 22, 2019, an updated version of the PDF membership application form was made available on the Members’ Website.  There was a members announcement about the update posted and chapter registrars were notified from an email sent by Mrs. Frisch, Registrar General.  Please make sure every member of your chapter is made aware of the new membership application PDF form.  The downloadable form is six pages, the first two pages providing instructions.  The App Version is listed as 2019.  This is not a typo.

At the bottom of each of the four pages of the actual application, the revision date is listed.

The following changes were made in the new PDF application form, dated January 2019:

Page One:

1] The word biological was added to the Eligibility Clause, first sentence. 

2] The sentence above Endorsed in Handwriting By was edited by removing the word Nominated, and changed to Recommended by.

3] Bottom paragraph regarding the "mailing of applications to members, etc.” was updated to reflect e-Membership and that verified applications and supplementals are available online and no longer mailed. App for MAL still mailed to new member.

Page Two

4] For every generation added the word biological

5] This change was made on every generation.

Page Three:

6] The wording in paragraph at top of page was changed, to provide some more directions and provide samples of acceptable citations.

Page Four:

7] The wording in the Service Description field was changed, adding this field cannot be left blank.

8] The wording in the Source for Service field was changed to make it clearer that sources are required for ALL types of service, not just military, added must provide the sources if not already proven and this field cannot be left blank.

9] In the section titled My Revolutionary ancestor was married, this section is optional was added.  In addition, the word "on" next to the last field for each spouse, replaces the comma.

10] In the section titled Children of the Revolutionary Ancestor, this section is optional was added.

We hope these changes will clarify what is required to prove lineage and service.   This new application form is ready to use now with Build an App.  Effective April 30, 2019, all applications and supplementals submitted to National Headquarters must use this new version of the application form.

If you have already mailed a new member application or member supplemental and it has been received at National, the 2016 form is still valid. If you are currently working on a new member application or member supplemental using the 2016 form, as long as it is postmarked no later than April 30th and received at National, it will be accepted.  Any new member application or member supplemental that is mailed to National and is postmarked after April 30th, must be on the 2019 form, even if you are currently working on it using the 2016 form. The key here is when it is postmarked, not when it is typed. If you have any further questions, please email genealogy@dar.org.

All forms and checklists which reference the PDF application form will be updated to reflect usage of the new form, as time permits.  Thank you for your patience.

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