September 11th

September 11, 2013

As we pause on September 11th to remember the horrific attacks on our country in 2001, may we remember with gratitude the thousands of first responders and volunteers who risked their very lives to save others.  The bravery of those who ran into the burning buildings as thousands ran out is almost incomprehensible. 

My first thought on hearing the news that Tuesday morning was for my brother who had just moved his office out of the World Trade Center. I shall be forever thankful that he was able to call our mother to reassure her of his safety before the phone lines went down.  My sister-in-law was a reporter in New York City and was good friends with many of the firefighters who perished. 

Regardless of whether or not we had a personal connection to the attacks, we were all profoundly affected.  I attended a worship service at our church that evening in which the large sanctuary was filled to capacity as many of us just wanted to be together to pray for our country and for the families who lost their loved ones. 

I’m deeply grateful for all of our members who serve as first responders and those who serve our country in the military.  On a recent flight to DC, the flight attendant inquired if I was traveling to Washington for work or pleasure and I responded that it was for work and replied “I’m with the Daughters of the American Revolution.”  He immediately said, “Thank you for what you do for our country.”  I was surprised and thought he must have misunderstood me.  After all, I’m not risking my life to serve in a hostile country halfway around the world, I’m just doing what I can in my community.  He went on to thank me for holding firm to the values which make America great.

So today, as I proudly display the DAR’s “We Remember 9/11 Banner”  I thank YOU for holding firm to the values which make America great.  Thank you for serving in your communities to make them better for all Americans.  Thank you for honoring God, Home and Country each and every day.


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