Honoring Our Scottish Heritage: Day Four

Written by: Ann Crider, Chaplain General
October 15, 2014

Greetings from Scotland! During the fourth day of the "Honoring our Scottish Heritage" tour our morning schedule was free, so the daughters and tour mates took advantage of this. Some visited Saint Andrews or Edinburgh Castle and others went shopping and spent their time relaxing. It was wonderful to be able to leisurely explore Edinburgh.

In the afternoon we were in for a treat with a tour of Rosslyn Chapel.  I bet everyone knows something about Rosslyn Chapel since it was featured at the end of the movie, The  Da Vinci Code, which has brought large numbers of visitors to the chapel.  Two wonderful guides told us about this ornately carved structure which was commissioned by Sir William St Clair in the 15th century.  It took over 40 years to build and was never really finished. The original plans called for a much larger structure. Only a few of the surfaces are not ornately carved and our eyes continually moved from one carving to another. Many of the carvings have a biblical theme and some call Rosslyn Chapel “The Bible in Stone.” If you get a chance, visit and plan to spend several hours… or days.

After returning, we had the evening free to explore, eat, or go to sleep early.  We have had early mornings, seen much, and are wishing everyone could be on the tour with us to experience Scotland.

It has been so great to have had this fellowship with our DAR "Honoring Our Scottish Heritage" tour group.  It has been fun to get to know the connections within the group, we have five pairs of sisters, most do not live in the same state so this trip has given them a chance to catch up. We have two mother - daughter pairs.  We have two sets of mother - father - son.  We are also happy to have nine couples that give us those wonderful HODAR's.   Of course, we Daughters consider ourselves all sisters!

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