Deep in the Heart of Texas

July 17, 2013

Today I’d like to share with you my favorite place – our ranch.  My husband’s family had lived on a ranch in central Texas for several generations, and although I was raised in one of the largest cities in the country, this city girl has learned to work cattle, build fence, drive tractors and adapt to the pleasures and challenges of country life.  We spend most of our time at our home in Houston and escape to the ranch as often as possible.  Our place is near the site of three of the historic Spanish missions, established in the mid-1700s in an attempt to convert the American Indians.  In fact, the original land document is a Spanish deed conveying the property to a settler in the 1820s.

The porch swing is my favorite place on the ranch.  We drink coffee and watch the sunrise in the mornings and after a day’s work, visit with friends and family there in the evenings while waiting for the stars to come out.  This morning we watched deer grazing in the east pasture, hummingbirds busily feeding and our barn cats napping in the summer heat.  Enjoying the tranquility and quiet, we are much more aware of the natural beauty of our state.

Last year we restored an old, abandoned cemetery on the place.  Although none of the “residents” are related to us, it was fascinating to research their history and genealogy and to learn we had a veteran of the War of 1812, a veteran of the Texas Revolution and four veterans of the Civil War and to place markers on their graves.  Several lineage societies, including the SAR, helped to make the dedication a grand event.  I doubt this rural community had ever seen so many people in historic costumes! 

It’s easy to imagine the hardships the pioneer settlers endured yet each was determined to make their community a better place.  Often when asked who my patriot was, I respond that I have no famous patriots, just people like us who are trying to make a difference in their community.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this brief trip to the ranch and that you know how very much I appreciate what YOU are doing to make a difference in YOUR community and in our nation.


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