For the Daughter Who Has Everything - Consider Honoring Her With a Daughters Tribute for the Holidays

Written by: Cynthia Weatherby, National Vice Chairman, Daughters Tribute Project
December 21, 2016

Holidays have special meanings for all of us, and for many, they are an opportunity to show others how much we care about them.

If you are reading this blog, you are likely engaged in the mission of the DAR and it is an important part of your life. Our respective paths in DAR are diverse, yet we all share relationships with special Daughters along the way who inspire us and enrich our volunteer experience. Be it a mentor, a friend, someone who strives to further Society objectives, or a dear and departed Daughter, a tribute is always the perfect gift. You needn’t worry about the size or the color, because everyone loves to feel appreciated. For those who are memorialized, the tribute is in perpetuity, whereas flowers last only a week.

The Daughters Tribute electronic database, accessed via the National Society’s Digital Donor Wall, allows you to honor the special DAR members in your life at the following donation levels: $25 -- Honoree name and your name; $50 -- Honoree name and photo, as well as your name; and/or $100 -- Honoree name, photo and a 100-word biography/testimonial, as well as your name. Tributes are purchased in the convenience of your own home or office, by you, and with your own credit card. The proceeds benefit the Guardian Trust Campaign and the dollars apply to your Heritage Club cumulative giving.

I often say that the Daughters Tribute speaks to my heart in many ways, most especially because it is a platform for kindness. I have been the recipient of tributes that were very touching to me. I have also been proud to pay homage to others, as so many Daughters have been gracious to me and bettered my DAR journey. The program is singularly unique in that everyone benefits, and most especially the recipient and our beloved Society.

Please visit the Daughters Tribute electronic wall and purchase your tributes here. If you need assistance, feel free to reach out to us at It would be my privilege to help bring joy to an honored Daughter.

On behalf of the Development Committee, headed by National Chair Donna Cullen, with our Executive Liaison Nancy Hemmrich, Pamela Alvich, Gaynell Andrusko, Lynn Brackey, Katy Hall, Connie Jaquith, Annie John, Colleen Lukoff, Jo Carol Porter, Linda Scheuplein, Betsy Teti, Kelly VanWormer, Katie Vecellio, and the Daughters Tribute team of Kathryn Andrews, Ginger Poffenberger, and me (plus team member emeritus Mary Frisch), we wish you and your families a blessed holiday season. 

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