DAR Pathway of the Patriots

Written by: Commissioner Lynn Forney Young U.S. Semiquincentennial Commission, Honorary President General & Chair, America 250! Committee
July 11, 2018

Just as NSDAR gave meaningful gifts to the Nation in celebration of the Bicentennial, today’s Daughters have an exciting opportunity to honor the memory and spirit of the men and women who achieved American independence as we prepare for the nation’s upcoming Semiquincentennial celebration.

In addition to the generous gift of 76 trees for Independence National Historical Park given by the Dillon Administration in 2017, now members can honor the Patriots in their family trees and/or other Patriots whom they admire by adopting a tree in memory of a Patriot along the DAR Pathway of the Patriots, a 25-mile path along the Schuylkill River that runs from historic Bartram’s Garden in Philadelphia to Valley Forge.  The trail welcomes more than 20,000 runners, bikers and commuters each year and was named the number one urban trail in the country in the 2015 USA TODAY Readers’ Choice Awards.

This Gift to the Nation is limited to 250 trees to be planted in groves along the Pathway, each of which will honor a Patriot with a companion online resource including identification of each tree, a brief biography of the Patriot and the name(s) of the donors. We hope that this digital component will become a great resource for students, researchers and all who love American history as we tell the story of our nation’s founding one Patriot at a time in time for our nation’s 250th birthday celebrations.

Planting may begin as early this autumn so that the trees will mature as 2026 approaches. DAR state societies, chapters, clubs and individuals are welcome to adopt a tree in memory of a Patriot whose service must be approved by DAR.  The 250 trees and their respective Patriots are available for reservation on a first-come, first-served basis. Approximately 100 trees have already been reserved, and so just 150 opportunities remain.

The cost of adopting a tree is $3,000, which includes the purchase of a more mature tree, planting, tending, replacement (if needed), identification and signage indicating this DAR gift to the nation. Contributions of $100 or more are eligible for Heritage Club credit.

This project was enthusiastically endorsed by the delegates to the 127th Continental Congress as we honor the paths each of our Patriots took to plant the seeds of liberty. If you, your family, your chapter or your state would like to honor the legacy of a Patriot who helped to achieve American independence, please visit the America 250! Committee website for more details.  Or call the Office of Development at 1-800-449-1776 to make your donation and reserve your patriot selection right away. 

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