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Written by: DAR Library Staff
December 19, 2018

The DAR Library has been working on ramping up online resources available both from home and from on-site at DAR headquarters.

One recent achievement is the new online Library catalog! Our new catalog is now available at library.dar.org. It features a new, simplified, clean user interface; the capability for advanced searching and browsing; and a number of other new features.

Some of our busy interns have been working on locating digital copies of items in our collection, focusing particularly on the books currently shelved in the Poor Condition and Locked Case sections of the Library. Linking these digital copies to records in the Library catalog allows patrons easier access to books from home, as well as protecting the (often rare and/or fragile) items themselves. When searching the catalog, if you come across a book that is out of copyright and available online, check for a link on the record that will take you directly to an online copy of the original. You can read the book from the comfort of home or without having to leave your desk in the Library!

Another innovative way of making records more accessible is the ability to open GRC reports directly from their Library catalog records, while here at headquarters. When visiting the Library, you can now click on a link in the record to open the GRC report directly.  Before you would have to write down the state, series, and volume numbers, and then go to a different part of the website to find the book you’re looking for. This should make the experience much more streamlined.

We are also improving our selection of online databases available to DAR staff and visiting researchers at the Library by offering two new resources –Newspapers.com and Colonial America.

Newspapers.com is one of the major players on the newspaper database market in the United States at the moment. The Library’s subscription gives users access to over 11,000 different publications from the United States and abroad covering the period from the 1700s to the modern day.  Users can search for a specific name or phrase, or browse specific titles.

Colonial America is a British database that contains images of documents from the British Colonial Office from the collection of the UK National Archives. The Library’s subscription covers the period of the American Revolution, and includes volumes of intercepted letters between colonists, the military correspondence of the British commanders in the field, and material produced by the Ordnance Office and the office of the Secretary at War. Thanks to handwritten text recognition, users can search for names in original text.

These changes to the DAR Library should help researchers have greater access, more resources, and a better user experience.

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