Christmas Blessings

December 25, 2013

As I was decorating our Christmas tree at the ranch this week, it was fun to reflect on our family ornaments, many of which were made by our children.  Even though our tree will never win a decorating contest, all our ornaments are family friendly and inexpensive.  It’s a good thing because one of our barn cats snuck in the house and played soccer with the ornaments on the lower branches of the tree!

This year our gathering will be smaller but we continued with our tradition of church on Christmas Eve, followed by homemade enchiladas in front of a fire.  I will prepare a big meal today for Steve and Walker, my sister, her husband and Steve’s parents.  A few days later Lindsey and her family will join us and we’ll have another big meal in celebration of our time together.  

Among the recipes I will use will be my mother’s mashed potatoes and my mother-in-law’s Pecan Pie. I will remember with gratitude the hours they spent preparing meals for us. Each recipe will remind me of a woman who influenced me in many ways and each serving dish will remind me of favorite relatives and meals around their tables.   I look forward to sharing the stories of these women and my childhood memories of Christmas with my grandchildren.  

Obviously it is not the decorations, gifts or the food which is important, but our reverence for this holy season and the fellowship of friends and family.  Each one of you is a blessing to me and I pray you, too, will celebrate with those whom you love and will create wonderful memories.  Thank you for giving of yourself to support the mission of the DAR and to strengthen your communities.

Merry Christmas!

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