Check the Mail for Your 3-Year Pocket Calendar

August 26, 2013

The very popular 3-year DAR pocket calendars are now in the mail and you should be receiving yours shortly! If you do not receive your calendar by early September, please call the Office of Development at 1-800-449-1776 and they will send you one directly. The pocket calendar is attractive as well as convenient in helping to keep track of those very busy schedules I know you all have.  The calendar includes important dates to remember, holidays and the National Board of Management dates. I would be lost without my calendar, so I love being able to share this useful gift with members.

I hope you will accept this small token as a thank you for your support of DAR in the past and in the future as you continue to contribute to the General Fund. Your support of the General Fund does so much for DAR Headquarters including such basic – but essential – things such as keeping the building comfortably heated and air-conditioned for the tens of thousands of people who visit each year and  protecting our artifacts valued at more than $20 million. The General Fund also provides the power for computers, printers, scanners and copiers used by our genealogists to conduct their research, review and processing of applications. Overall this fund takes care of our very basic needs at DAR Headquarters and keeps us up and running.

I hope you enjoy the DAR pocket calendars and thank you so much for your support of the General Fund

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