Learn More About DAR Millionth Member Amy Dickinson

Written by: Denise Doring VanBuren, President General
October 7, 2019

Thank you to the thousands of Daughters who took time to celebrate our milestone achievement this weekend!

It was so exciting on Saturday to surpass that one millionth member mark and introduce you to DAR member National Number 1000000, Amy Dickinson!

I hope you enjoyed the first video of our two-part series introducing Amy. Today we want to share a second video that tells you a little bit more about her childhood, career and family life.

View the second video and learn more about Amy here

At the beginning of my administration, I pledged to you that a primary focus would be highlighting our National Society’s passionate purpose in order to increase membership and improve our public image – and that these points all share one fundamental element: they all require effective publicity via traditional and social platforms to both members and the media alike. Thank you for embracing this ongoing DAR Million Members Celebration as a wonderful public relations opportunity to share to the world who we are, what we do and why we matter.

We chose to assign the national number 1000000 to Amy Dickinson to help raise awareness of the DAR in the public and to spread the joys of membership to a whole new audience – specifically with the potential of reaching Amy’s 22 million daily readership. I am so grateful for Amy not only allowing us to share her personal story with our membership and the public, but also excited that she will share her DAR membership news with her own large audience, potentially stirring up membership interest in women who hadn’t considered membership before!

Saturday’s announcement was just one element of our DAR Million Members Campaign, which will continue throughout the month, highlighting stories of other DAR members. We continue to encourage ALL members to share their stories at the DAR Million Members Celebration Facebook page so that we can spotlight more of our members to the public. And please help us tell the stories of your chapter members, we can’t celebrate the stories of all our Daughters unless you share those stories with us! So please post on your own social media platforms, or send as a news release to your local media, photos and bios of your members if they feel comfortable with you sharing their stories to the public. We don’t want to only spotlight Amy during this celebration, we want to tell the stories of as many of our members as we can to show the world the many different women who make up the spirit of our organization.

I hope that you will continue to seize this great opportunity to use this membership milestone as a way to increase both external exposure and membership interest. Let’s show the public why one million women have found purpose and passion in the work of DAR – and let’s together start welcoming the next million to continue it well into the future!

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