Wrapping Up a Wonderful 128th Continental Congress

Written by: Ann Dillon, President General
June 30, 2019

National Defense Night was such a moving ceremony. Our honorees were truly spectacular and it was so meaningful to hear their thoughtful remarks. National Defense Night is always one of my favorite evenings.  I feel privileged to stand in our beautiful auditorium singing the National Anthem on the night we dedicate to honoring our nation’s military.

Following the Memorial Service this morning, we will have the Installation Ceremony for the new State Regents, State Vice Regents and the newly elected Vice Presidents General, Honorary Vice Presidents General, and Executive Board. Congratulations to the VanBuren Executives and all of the new members of the National Board of Management!

I enjoyed the entire week of Continental Congress.  It was busy and crazy, fun and moving.  It is hard to truly describe the full experience to those who have never attended, but for me it expands my vision of this amazing organization.  I hope everyone attending found the week educational, motivating and fun, and that you are taking home some great ideas, a renewed sense of purpose and vision.

The Dillon Administration is now coming to a close. It has been an extraordinary experience for me and for all of the Executive Committee.  We are grateful for the trust you placed in us and it has been an honor to serve as an Executive Officer. The National Chairs, Vice Chairs and Division Vice-Chairs have all worked together to accomplish the goals of Moving Forward in Service to America.

I am grateful for the privilege of serving as your forty-fourth President General and am humbled to be in the company of the women who have worn the wide blue sash. I am sure one day I will think it was all a dream, but right now I realize it has been very real and the memories are very dear. You have been so gracious, generous and kind. Thank you!

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