Wear it Proudly, Guard it Carefully, Use it Discreetly – The DAR Insignia

Written by: Karon Jarrard, National Chair, Insignia Committee
November 15, 2017

We all love our DAR pins and that began almost immediately following our organization when the official Insignia was adopted by the National Board of Management (NBM) on May 26, 1891.  Since the beginning, members have been encouraged to Wear it Proudly over the heart; to Guard it Carefully, by following a ruling which limits its use to yearbooks, stationery, programs and, for the work of the Society; and Use it Discreetly, not for commercial purposes or as an ornament or decoration.

In contrast to the spinning wheel design of the insignia, the official logo for the National Society, a design of bars and star,, is a registered trademark of NSDAR and was adopted by the NBM to be used for public relations and other corporate applications where the use of the Insignia is prohibited. The DAR Logo is the emblem to use as a decoration on cakes, badges, tote bags and for other chapter purposes.

We need to protect the National Society’s brand and to achieve a consistency that is essential for effective public relations and brand identification. Chapters and states are not to develop a logo separate from the one created by the National Society.  Nor should any other design reflecting individual chapters and states  be used for publicity or to create badges and pins. (Ref. DAR Handbook)

Hamilton Insignia is our authorized provider of Insignia and pins authorized by the NBM to be worn on the official DAR ribbon, and they are happy to answer questions.

During this holiday season Hamilton Insignia is offering a complimentary 6” single row magnetic ribbon on all orders of the complete three-piece basic Insignia consisting of the insignia, an ancestor bar and chapter pin. Use the promo code “RIBBON” at checkout.

In addition to the basic Insignia, members are eligible to wear the state pin in which their patriot had service and the state pin in which their chapter is located.  All members are eligible to wear commemorative pins. All other pins worn on the official ribbon are earned by donations or service to the Society. Only pins earned by the member in her own right may be worn on the official ribbon. For a current listing of pins and the service requirements, visit the DAR Members’ Website, Insignia Committee page, or visit hamiltoninsignia.com.

Refer to document INS-1000 Placement of DAR Insignia and Pins on Official Ribbon to properly arrange your pins. Pins are placed in the order listed beginning with the highest office at the top of the ribbon (nearest the arm if wearing more than one ribbon), filling each ribbon from top to bottom, and ending with the official insignia at the bottom of the ribbon over the heart (neck side).

Have you decided what you want to happen to your pins when you no longer have a need for them? Please use document OSG-3002 Sample Letter for Disposal of Insignia and Pins to notify family of your wishes. You may gift individual pins to members who have earned eligibility to wear them or donate them to your chapter, state or the National Society. Please don’t allow your pins to be sold at auction.

The Insignia Committee Internet Monitoring team checks the Internet daily to identify DAR objects being auctioned. They notify states and chapters of an item which they may have an interest in acquiring. Please check the “new” prices at Hamilton Insignia before bidding on auction sites.

Donated DAR pins and insignia are available for purchase through the Office of the Organizing Secretary General. Contact the Office of the Organizing Secretary General, (202) 879-3325 or email organizing@dar.org, to ask questions about available pins or to receive a listing of pins and ancestor bars.

There is much to know about how to wear pins, when to wear them, and in what order should they be placed on the ribbon. Refer to the Insignia Committee page, consider having an Insignia Minute at meetings, read the document INS-1001 Some Insignia Do’s and Don’ts and join the closed Facebook page “Let’s Talk Pins.”

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