Updates to the DAR Museum Yochim Gallery

Written by: William A. Strollo, DAR Museum Curator of Exhibitions
May 9, 2019

This time last year, the DAR Museum wrapped up the renovations to the old museum gallery that created our new Study Gallery and Main Gallery. This winter, we took the time to look after another of our galleries, the Yochim Gallery.

The lower level hall of Memorial Continental Hall was designated the Yochim Gallery in 1995. Named after past President General Marie Hirst Yochim, this space was intended to highlight pieces from the museum collection and allow visitors the opportunity to get closer to museum objects than the period rooms allowed. The room’s yellow-painted plaster walls remained relatively untouched for the past 24 years. However, at the end of 2018 museum staff noticed an increasing number of significant cracks developing in the walls and that areas where paint and plaster repairs had previously been attempted were failing. We determined that the Yochim Gallery was in need of some extra care.

Worcester Eisenbrandt, Inc. (www.weirestoration.com) undertook a month-long restoration effort where they carefully scraped away all damaged and cracked areas in the plaster. The large gaps were filled and all of the gallery’s walls were primed and painted. After the freshly painted walls dried and the carpet cleaned, the museum staff re-installed objects into the gallery. We took this time to rotate out some objects that had been in the gallery for extended periods and to re-arrange some of the object platforms.

The newly painted walls allow light to better fill the room and highlight details in the exhibited objects. The new arrangement of platforms and cases give visitors added space to step back and look at the art and objects. It also creates a more inviting space for visitors to walk and tour the four period rooms on this level.

Just like with the Study Gallery, objects in the Yochim Gallery will rotate on a regular basis. So, no matter how frequently you visit there will be something new for you to see.

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