Updates to the 2019 Chapter Achievement Awards Form

Written by: Susan Holt, National Chair, Chapter Achievement Awards
August 8, 2019

Greetings from the Chapter Achievement Award Committee!  I have the honor of serving as the National Chair for this prestigious committee under the VanBuren Administration, and we are excited about the first major changes made to the CAA in decades.  

In fact, the CAA form has undergone a SIGNIFICANT transformation. The purpose of the CAA form is to ensure the vitality, stability and relevance of the National Society’s 3,000 chapters worldwide. The mission of the VanBuren Administration is to reward our chapters for their many successes that support the objectives of our organization: historical preservation, patriotism and education with an emphasis on volunteerism, public relations outreach, improved communication and recognizing those chapters that help sustain the National Society by assisting other chapters. 

Additional components have been added to the CAA to provide chapters numerous opportunities to increase their point levels.  For example:

  • In the Service to America section, chapters may now receive points for participating in a community project as a part of the National DAR Day of Service.
  • Points will be awarded for each member completing a training session during 2019; i.e. Members Course, New Horizons Course and GEP Courses.
  • If a chapter shares the President General’s message at EACH chapter meeting, it will receive points.
  • Within the Membership section, points may be obtained if your chapter helped organize a new chapter or revitalize a struggling chapter.
  • Points can be earned under the DAR Magazine Newsletter Section if a Chapter Regent has a current magazine subscription.
  • Under Communication: Chapters may earn points if public relations outreach is executed via traditional and/or social media venues.

Overall points per level have increased: Level 1 – 400+ points; Level 2 – 300+ points and Level 3 – 200+ points. To ensure that each chapter is maximizing its point potential, the 2019 Planning Guide is available on the Chapter Achievement Award Committee’s webpages located on the members’ website.  Please utilize the committee webpages to plan your chapter’s activities and events for the upcoming membership year.

Now for the BIG news, the top 5 Chapters that receive the highest CAA totals will be recognized by the President General from the Platform during the 2020 Continental Congress!  How exciting!

Please know the Chapter Achievement Award Committee Division Vice Chairs and I are available to answer any questions which arise. Keep shining ladies in your chapters, your communities and for the National Society!  We are excited to hear the “Rise and Shine” success stories of our chapters.

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