Sustaining Supporter - Are You Up For the Challenge?

Written by: Ann Dillon, President General
February 13, 2019

The Sustaining Supporter Monthly Giving program is almost 5 years old!  In July 2014, the program started with 600 Sustainers. Today, more than 4,300 Supporters have discovered this simple solution to helping the National Society give back to our nation through the many funds and needs of the organization.  In this last year alone, more than 1,000 people have joined the program. I offer you a challenge - can we reach 5,000 Sustaining Supporters by the time the program turns 5 in July?

Since its inception, more than $4 million dollars have been contributed to 24 different NSDAR funds through the Sustaining Supporter program, providing a reliable source of necessary revenue to ensure that our nation’s stories are told for generations to come. It is encouraging to hear from Sustainers about how glad they are to participate and how easy it is to make such a difference. For this reason I am looking forward to recognizing the top states and chapters (based on a percentage of membership) from the platform during Continental Congress. Is your State or Chapter on the list? 

As of this last month, the top ten states along with the percent of members that are Sustainers are: Utah 5.94%, District of Columbia 5.29% , Nevada 5.22%, Alaska 5.00%, Idaho 4.93%, Washington 4.56%, Arizona 3.92%, Hawaii 3.57%, Michigan 3.5% and Montana 3.36%.

How does your chapter compare?  The top 26 Chapters in the country along with the percent of members that are Sustainers are: Richard Arnold (DC) 28.95%, Cochise Stronghold (AZ) 28%, Comanche Springs (TX) 22.22% , Francois de Lery (LA) 16.67% , Polly Cooper (NY) 15.22%, Maria Mitchell (VA) 15.00%, Increase Carpenter (NY) 14.81%, White Oak (TX) 14.71%, Feather River (CA) 14.29%, Tomo-Kahni (CA) 14.29%, Hightower Trail (GA) 14.29%, Francis Rainey (TX) 14.29%, Three Missions (TX) 14.29%, General Daniel Smiths Rock Castle (TN) 14.00%, Ferro Monte (NJ) 13.85%. Vesuvius Furnace (NC) 13.79%, Oregon Dunes (OR) 13.79%, Knickerbocker (NY) 13.11%, Alexander Macomb (MI) 13.10%, Exeter (NH) 12.90%, Liberty Hill (GA) 12.82%, Mary Digges Lee (MD) 12.82%, Majabigwaduce (ME) 12.82%, Hannah Benedict Carter (CT) 12.50%, Natalia Shelikof (AK) 12.00% and Whidbey Island (WA) 12.00%.

If every DAR chapter had just two Sustaining Supporters, we would exceed our goal!  Not only are Chapters awarded CAA points every year for every sustainer but all Sustainer donations add to your Heritage Club level. Please call the Office of Development at (800) 449–1776 for more information or click here to learn what your state or chapter needs to do to be recognized. 

So I challenge you to help us reach 5,000 Sustainers by Year 5. You can sign up using your cell phone, pad or computer. Encourage otherss to sign up as well at .  It is so easy to do:

  • Click the green button,
  • Enter your National # and Contact Information,
  • Select the funds you want to support,
  • Determine your donation amount and
  • Select either your Checking Account or your Credit Card.

In just 5 minutes and you are ready to sustain NSDAR in the months and years to come! 

You may donate a minimum of $5 per month to the fund(s) of your choice (8 funds maximum per month), including such featured funds as the President General’s Project, NSDAR General Fund and the Guardian Trust Endowment.  What’s your favorite??  Friends of Veterans?  Project Patriot?  Schools?  Juniors??  It’s your choice. For the price of a single cup of coffee, you can support any or all of the 24 funds available through Sustaining Supporter.

I hope that you will join us in the very worthwhile program and see how easy it is to support NSDAR! 

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