Service to America - MAKE IT COUNT!

Written by: Sharla Luken, National Chair, Service to America Committee
September 7, 2017

As summer winds down and families prepare for the new school year, DAR chapters are planning programs and Service to America community projects for the upcoming year.  Our founders would be impressed with the number of community service hours we have already amassed this year.  Chapters should plan for a service project for our National DAR Day of Service on October 11.  Many chapters last year reported that they completed two, three and even four service projects in the month of October.  Congratulations on a job well done!  Our hours are climbing on the Service to America Online Tally, however, despite our wonderful efforts, I am sure we are still underreporting.

This year we will NOT be entering Service to America hours onto the CMR (Chapter Master Report).  Rather, these service hours will now only be recorded in the Online Tally. If you have members who are unable to record their hours online, please have someone from your chapter assist them. Be sure to enter all of your 2017 service hours by January 31, 2018.  

Now is the time to share your chapter’s accomplishments through community service and demonstrate to our prospective members and communities that DAR is first and foremost, a service organization.  Chapter Regents should double check the entries for their chapters on the Online Tally and make sure that they reflect all your service.  Do Not Wait until December to start entering your hours for the whole year. 

Paging at State Conferences and Continental Congress may now also be counted toward Service to America hours for this year!  Please also remember that you may include your DAR work in addition to your community service work in the Online Tally.  If you have any questions, consult with your Service to America State Chairmen and/or National Division Vice Chairman.

Our community service shows not only our willingness to give back to our communities but our dedication to our heritage.  It is our opportunity to raise public awareness of DAR and the positive impact we have on our schools, veterans, and community.   Chapters should continue to recognize DAR members that give generously of their time and talents to each other and to their community.  Check the Service to America Committee webpage for all the opportunities that are available regarding meaningful community service. 

Let’s continue forward and enter those hours on the Online Tally NOW and Make It Count!!  Thank you all for your enthusiasm and devotion in honoring our wonderful Society and its rich heritage.         

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