Reflections From the Treasurer General

Written by: Carol Jackson, Treasurer General
April 5, 2019

As these three years wind to a close, serving as your Treasurer General during the Dillon Administration has been an honor and a privilege.

Visiting your state conferences and workshops was such fun. Thank you for allowing me to present my workshop “Keep Calm and Carry the One.” The duty to manage and protect property and/or money of our chapters and societies applies not only to the treasurer but to the entire board!  These visits provided the opportunity to listen to your concerns and problems.  I trust I brought some level of relief and clarity to those situations.  And I have thoroughly enjoyed serving as keynote speaker on leadership.

This Treasurer General has overseen the Office of the Controller, the Information Systems Department, and the Business Office.  It was exciting to welcome our new controller at the beginning of this year. Right away, the work of year-end closing began to prepare for the certified audit of 2018.  Despite staff changes during these years, the office has continued to function professionally and efficiently.

In response to member requests, the Information Systems Department implemented changes that met with approval.  In emembership, fields were added to indicate a member’s military service and branch.  What a great way to honor our veteran and active duty members.

Information Systems also implemented the system enabling chapters to pay dues electronically.  In conjunction with the Office of the Organizing Secretary General, procedures and protocols were developed.  Your response has been overwhelmingly positive! 

As liaison to the Audit Committee, the Chapter Achievement Awards Committee, and the Volunteer Information Specialists Committee, I have seen the excellence and conscientiousness of their service. Well done!

The Treasurer General chairs the Investment Committee which meets regularly to review the performance of our portfolio. Our conservative investment policy has served to protect our financial assets. As promised, the funds available for the Guardian Trust have now been invested for the long-term.

The Finance Committee develops and then recommends the annual budget to the Executive Committee for adoption by the National Board of Management. As required by our Bylaws, it also completes a review of the three-year increase in the CPI and other information for bylaw considerations. Serving on this committee for many years provided me with a deep understanding of our financial operations. I will miss those annual Sunday budget workshops! 

Being part of the Dillon Administration has provided once in a lifetime experiences. To place a wreath at the Tomb of the Unknowns took my breath away. What an honor. To have been a guest at Mt. Vernon, to view the Potomac as Washington must have viewed it, was so memorable. To present a wreath at the World War II Memorial at the December 7th commemoration was incredibly meaningful. To be at West Point for the rededication of the Margaret Cochran Corbin monument was awe-inspiring. To meet the Ambassador of Spain was delightful. 

As we have faced so many disasters of fires, hurricanes, tornadoes and horrific accidents across our country and around the world, I have witnessed first-hand the heartfelt, gracious generosity of Daughters. It is overwhelming to receive such care and concern, even more so from those facing their own challenges.  You have brought me to tears. You have lifted my spirits.

I treasure every experience and each one of you. Thank you for the opportunity to have served in the Dillon Administration, “Moving Forward in Service to America.”

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