Reflections From the Reporter General

Written by: Connie Olde, Reporter General
February 19, 2019

The Office of the Reporter General has been “Moving Forward in Service to America” as your Office of Committees. These three years have flown by, especially while we have tackled the work of our society, made new friends and had fun. I truly feel blessed to have had the opportunity to work with the Dillon Administration and our staff to make decisions and implement necessary changes.

Our American Indian Scholarships and DAR Scholarships applications now utilize an electronic format, and an email contact with the correct National Vice Chair of the corresponding individual scholarship. These new procedures will in turn facilitate our user-friendly app to reduce paperwork storage at Headquarters, as all our applications are stored and backed up electronically.

Special awards and medals are available for our chapters to nominate the wonderful members of their communities for their outstanding volunteer activities. The Founders Medals offer four different categories to recognize individuals for patriotism, heroism, education and youth leadership. During this administration, numerous Founders Medals were nominated and then were presented to the Vice President Generals classes for judging. These medals are awarded each year, and our chapters should utilize these special opportunities to showcase these worthy volunteers.

The Office of the Reporter General processes numerous other recognitions. Do you have community volunteers that could receive the Americanism Award, the Conservation Award, the Historic Preservation Award or the Medal of Honor? What a wonderful way to recognize other members of your community for their volunteer efforts.  This Office also processes the ROTC medals. Does your chapter present ROTC Bronze and Gold Medals? Please support our dedicated military students.

The DAR Good Citizens Committee reports that many schools in your communities need sponsoring chapters. Is your chapter offering this high school senior scholarship opportunity? The Junior American Citizens Committee announces a new theme each year for kindergarten to high school students to participate in contests that focuses on artwork and creative writing. Is your chapter sponsoring this contest each year? Reach out to your neighborhood schools to sponsor both of these contests.

The Office of the Reporter General assists the DAR Service for Veterans Committee with the VAVS appointments of the Representatives and Deputy Representatives. All communications with our VAVS and VISN Representatives and their facilities are now handled electronically.

Many chapters have contacted the Office of Reporter General for chapter programs.  We are pleased to announce some very exciting news for our membership – our chapter programs are being uploaded to the Reporter General’s website in a digital format! A list of digital and YouTube formatted programs, PowerPoint presentations and manuscripts will be available shortly, so please check out these various interesting programs your chapter that will be able to download for their meetings or to utilize for a last minute speaker cancellation. We are looking for new programs you would be willing to share with other chapters, so please send them to the Office of the Reporter General for review. As we have moved forward, we want to hear from you!

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