Reflections From the Recording Secretary General

Written by: Morgan Lake, Recording Secretary General
May 6, 2019

Time flies when you are having fun, and I have certainly enjoyed serving as Recording Secretary General during the Dillon Administration.  President General Ann Turner Dillon has been a gracious leader and an inspiration. By Moving Forward in Service to America, we have accomplished more than we imagined was possible in three short years.

It has been interesting and rewarding to oversee the business of the Office of the Recording Secretary General as we maintain the legal record of the National Society.  I am grateful to the many staff members I have worked with throughout the building for their professionalism and dedication. 

During the last three years, I have participated in several wonderful “once-in-a-lifetime” experiences as a member of the DAR executive board.  You may have read about some of our memorable moments through social media posts and the DAR blog.  While a photo is worth a thousand words, they don’t seem to capture the emotional weight of the moments that took my breath away:  laying a wreath at the grave of the Marquis de Lafayette; enjoying the sunrise from the lawn of Mount Vernon; and seeing our beautifully restored stage in Constitution Hall for the first time.   Not unlike many of you, I am overcome with emotion each time the flag drops on opening night of Continental Congress, and to see the original street scenes recreated is phenomenal.  May we never take for granted our grand complex of buildings, and always be grateful for the accomplishments of the Daughters that have come before us!  

Family aside, I must confess that DAR is the love of my life.  Every day I find myself discovering more to learn about our organization, and discovering new ways to be of service.  In my own chapter, I enjoy serving as chapter registrar and I have recently taken the GEP classes to be sure that I am up-to-date with the latest information for preparing applications.   Earlier this year,  I accepted an invitation to serve on the America 250! Membership Task Force, one of the many innovations during this administration, and I am ecstatic to learn that the paper I was assigned has been verified for the prospective member.  While I was just a small part of finding a solution to a complicated lineage, I am so happy for this new member who may not have otherwise been able to join.  Our society is made up of many thousands of talented, generous members that volunteer their time in so many ways.  

On that note, I would like to take this opportunity to thank the women of my chapter who are real DAR rockstars.  I am quite honored to be a member of this group, and especially proud of them for adopting a tree on the Pathway of the Patriots in honor of our chapter namesake, John Guild. 

It has been an incredible privilege to serve the members of the National Society, and I am grateful to you all for supporting this amazing organization.

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