President General Dillon’s State Conference Speech

Written by: Ann Dillon, President General
May 30, 2019

Having completed visits to all fifty states (plus many international destinations) and with a necklace full of charms from each of those states, I am reflecting on wonderful memories of travel and spending time with the amazing women who are members of the Daughters of the American Revolution. I have seen the work you do and am humbled to serve as your President General.            

Many of you asked for a copy of the speech I gave in all of the states. It was written based on my personal feelings and while we all have different reasons for loving our National Society and various personal opinions on how we can honor the foundations of our country, I hope there were parts of my speech to which each of you could feel a connection.

May the section describing why your membership is important inspire you to acquire new members, but also to continue your own commitment to the Society. Your membership and service is vital to our nation. The standards and values you represent are key for our nation’s future success.

The beginning of each speech was customized with strange laws still on the books of the state where I was speaking. Some were very humorous and it was fun to share them. They cannot all be included here, but you can certainly search for them on the internet.

It is very kind of those of you who have asked to have a copy of this speech and you were told that it would be made available after my last state conference visit. I have decided to make the speech temporarily available on the Members’ Website if you would like a copy for yourself or to share with chapter members who did not have the opportunity to hear it. However, I have asked that the electronic copy of the speech be removed from the website at the end of my administration. Please do not reproduce or publish the speech in whole or in part.

I appreciate your friendship and camaraderie and the privilege you have given me for these three years.

President General Ann Dillon’s State Conference Speech

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